Thursday, June 6, 2024

80th Anniversary of D-Day and a Few Thoughts and Memories

 48 of My Comrades are Buried There


Oh my heart!  God of Our Fathers with Lyrics and Graphics


 Oh let's appreciate our vets!  Please appreciate them!   

One of the sweetest memories of meeting a vet was of having the privilege of meeting 'Sy' (short for a Polish name) at the nursing home I volunteered at...Oh what a handsome thing he was even in later years within months of his death, blue eyes, tall  like Jimmy Stewart sitting there in his wheelchair and a sweet, sweet humble spirit.  He was missing part of one of his legs.   He tells so preciously tells of the liberation of Normandy, oh what a love.   He told of sleeping in one of the great cathedrals in Normandy with his fellow comrades...When he  got home to our old town, his family did not have a phone.  He got to the front door with his duffle bag over his shoulder...and knocked.  Can you imagine?  Our old office converted from an old convent of all things is probably right near his old home...Oh the prayers that must have gone up in that old town.   


In our family we *love* our vets.  When we see those hats we grab onto those loves!   




Here are a few blogs on how we love our vets.   The first is a "normal" day in smalltown with our secondborn daughter, Joycie when we used to go to the store together when she was single.  (so fun).   We spied our vet that day...You can read here and see the pics...

  So Great, A Hero at Our Grocery Store on this "Ordinary Day" 



Some of you have probably already seen the following two, these are of Janie, our firstborn visiting Pearl Harbor on the anniversary there.  She volunteered with the Greatest Generation.  One of the volunteers, "Uncle Bob"....we loved talking on the phone with him, we'd sing Happy Birthday and he would sing to us "Frank Sinatra style" songs...And he was pretty good too! 


The Greatest Generation 

More of the Greatest Generation 



Signing off from My Forest Cathedral...

Thank you and God bless to all of our Veterans!   Our family appreciates you so much!!!



EM Griffith said...

Thank you for sharing these today, Amelia. Your beautiful daughters look like their Momma! Yes, we have so much to appreciate and so many to be grateful for in America. No better day than today to say a prayer of thanks. We should be thankful every day, knowing how different our lives might be had things gone differently 80 years ago. --Elise

Sandi said...

What a treasure to have met him! Imagine your son, brother, uncle, man showing up at the front door and you had no idea that was the day he would be returning. His mother must have cried tears of joy.

Your daughter is so pretty! (That's her, right? 😀)

A sweet post. Yes, we must remember them. And thank them. Lord, bring peace.

Cheryl Kimbley said...

So much to be thankful for in America. Yes, we have our problems - but we are free thanks to so many wonderful folks!

Amelia said...

Hi Elise, Thank you so much! Aw, your comment does my heart good. : )

Yes, we must be thankful every day, so true. As one WWII vet's wife once told me...The nation has no idea how close we came to losing everything.

God be with us all.

Amelia said...

Hi Sandi, Thank you! Yes, that is our secondborn daughter. We used to have so much fun grocery shopping in smalltown!

Yes, can't you just picture it? This young man walking up the steps to the front porch to the door? Oh it gives me goose bumps and brings a tear to my eye.

Thank you for your encouragement, yes we must remember and appreciate them and listen to them. Oh my heart. Yes, Lord bring Peace.

May God be with us all.

Amelia said...

Hi Cheryl, so true, we still have freedom in many ways and yes, we must be so thankful to our vets. Oh to think what those boys went through and so many were lost. We must pray to keep our freedoms because they are deteriorating very quickly.

God be with us all.

Mrs. White said...

I appreciate our veterans so much! My father was a veteran. We are grateful!
God bless you!

Amelia said...

Hi Mrs. White, Thank you for sharing that your father was a veteran, mine too. I bet your father had some wonderful stories to tell! We too so appreciate all of our vets and love to thank them when we see them, vets of all ages.

God bless you too dear one!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post honoring our beloved veterans! We too try to thank them when we see one in the store or somewhere. So many take it for granted the freedoms we have today because of them.

Oh that must have been so surreal for mothers to see their sons return home and not knowing when or if they’d return home. Tears of joy indeed!

The most recent veteran I was able to thank for his service was in a thrift store. He was asking anyone and everyone if they saw a pair of red shoes in a size 9 for his girl that he was taking to a dance that night! Is was SO precious, and he was so filled with joy to be picking out an outfit for his lady. 😍

Anonymous said...

Yes! Our veterans are so special and so are their families who sacrificed a lot, too! I think about them a lot now having a son of my own… how would I feel with him as a young man going off to war? I cannot imagine. They all gave so much — thank God for them! We are truly blessed to live in this country because of them.

The YouTube is acting up for me right now so I’ll have to try again later on the video.

Grocery shopping in small town was a lot of fun — lots of very sweet memories! I still have my little gumball machine dogs, lol!

Amelia said...

Dear Anonymous, Yes, it is so good to thank our Vets, I'm sure there are days where they wonder who cares about what they have done and how they have served.

Yes, a mother's heart on seeing her sons go to war and upon returning if they do return. ...Oh my heart.

What a precious, precious story of the veteran at the thrift store! Oh, that would have been neat to snatch of sweet photo of him! I loved that story! : )


Amelia said...

Anonymous, Yes, yes, yes...The thought of a mother with a son in that situation. It always makes me think of the movie from the true story of what happened in the Sullivan family. "The Fighting Sullivans". I love the exhibit in Fredericksburg, Texas at the Pacific War museum of Mrs. Sullivan reading the telegram. It just does something to our hearts.

I still have my gumball machine doggies too by the way. : ) Very nice memories.

Blessings! xo