Saturday, May 27, 2023

Pondering Memorial Day. Best Years of Our Lives (1946) The Every day Challenges, Laughs and Memory. ADDED EDIT.



Oh my heart.

One of my very favorite movies for this day.  'Best Years of Our Lives'  (1946). It was once said this movie is the most accurate of how the soldiers felt after WWII and what they experienced.  I highly recommend this movie, even the music score is beautiful!  

I have other favorites too but thought this would be nice for starters since I'm keeping this blog entry short.



My parents as many of you know; my dad went to Gulfport Military Academy in Mississippi.   He was a captain there as a student.  I love this portrait so much, it hangs in my home in a place of honor.  I thought it spoke volumes this Memorial Day.

So much going on these days around the Forest Cathedral, just wanted to quickly put this up in honor of Memorial Day.


We look at the culture and it can be sad to us, but we can keep our personal homes in an attitude of prayer and calm coupled with cheerfulness.  God is faithful.


For me personally, it's been a bit unusual here, I was shocked to see I had high blood pressure.  Me?!   How?!   Sometimes life is stressful with an elderly parent, the concerns and emergencies than can arise etc.  I've never had a problem with high blood pressure so this is very new to me.   The only time I can remember having high blood pressure was one day when I was expecting our first baby and I was in my early 20s, there had been an altercation the day before and it showed the next day, but that was the last time that I know of.  I've delivered four babies and my doctor would always comment, Beautiful as usual! when he took my bp.  So you can imagine my shock!

I'm wired very sensitively, I'm a genuine Highly Sensitive Person, an HSP.  A Gift but it can also be trying in life, we seem to feel things and pick up on more than the average person.


I hope to put another blog up soon!  I have more I would like to share with more photos I do think you all would enjoy.  Prayers are coveted as I'm  trying very hard to stay away from any stress of any kind.

As Philippians 4:8 says, we need to think upon things of good report, things that are lovely.... : )


One kind of funny thing that represents things, the other morning I see my devotional on the floor under the coffee table of all places.  I see this strange white wad that looked like a coccoon of all things!  On closer examination, the wad was a wad of white chewing gum!  One of our precious little 3-4 year old grandsons who were here the other day decided that they would conveniently put their gum on Mimi's devotional  that is on the coffee table, and then casually slip it under the coffee table on the floor!   I had to smile and then just laugh!   I told Jem and he just laughed and laughed...

For some reason it was just the picture of how life is sometimes!    I think that's pretty good....A Blessing, ya just have to laugh at little things like that!    

I may start writing memories I have that were happy ones, when I take my blood pressure I purposely think upon those things.

One of those was me taking our little girls to a Memorial Day ceremony at a courthouse...Our little girls would carry their homemade autograph booklets made out of red, white and blue construction paper so our elderly veterans there could sign them as our little girls held the booklets in their little hands.  I remember being so very touched at this ceremony that I was tearing up even using a tissue ...One of the elderly vets, probably from WWII looked over at me, a baby in my lap...I think he wondered what my story was...And I wondered what his story was.   And still do...


God bless and be with you all until the next time...May we lift our country up in prayer.

EDIT  5.28.28   Please oblige, I must add the following song I just heard.  This brings tears to my eyes, beautiful, just beautiful.


EM Griffith said...

As I read your blog post today, then read this within it, "As Philippians 4:8 says, we need to think upon things of good report, things that are lovely..." my first thought was that those things are right here in what you've written. Thank, you, Amelia. That's a beautiful picture of your mom and dad, by the way. I can see why it's a favorite. You've had a lot of stress recently, so your blood pressure may come down on its own when things settle down. I'll pray for both for you. Hope your holiday weekend is a happy one. --Elise

Sandi said...

"...but we can keep our personal homes in an attitude of prayer and calm coupled with cheerfulness. God is faithful."

He is faithful.

Tina Turner recently passed away. In her later years she talked about the high blood pressure she'd experienced for quite a while and said that she wished she had treated it with conventional medicine because it ended up causing other problems. She had tried to beat it with only homeopathic means, but that was not enough for her. It sounds like yours is not quite that bad. I tend to think more highly of homeopathy myself, so I can understand her reluctance. Please take of yourself. It may pass with relaxation and dropping the stress, but if you need help please don't be afraid to get it. My Dad had low blood pressure until he was in his 70's. Not sure why.

So sweet about the chewing gum! :) Made me smile to think of your little one planning that out. Ha ha!

Amelia said...

Elise, Thank you so very much. What an encouragement your comment is to my heart. I'm glad this little blog entry was pure, lovely and of good report to you dear friend. I appreciate you!

God bless you and your family there including your fur babies this coming holiday week, thank you so much for your prayers, they are coveted. I will pray for you and your family as well.


Amelia said...

Sandi, Yes, it is funny to think what must go on in the theatre of these little guys minds! lol "Let's see...Oh there is Mimi's book, I can put my gum there and if I slip it under the coffee table right there in the middle on the floor no one will see and maybe I can come back to get it!" *big smile*

Yes I hear ya, Ive studied nutrition and am a home herbalist but it is correct on certain things synthetic drugs must be used, such as an antibiotic for pneumonia for instance, (a blessing!). I'll have to look into Tina and what exactly happened, that is interesting. Hubs and I take our bp every day now, he has been doing that and I am so doing it too now. In a way it's good to have a wake-up call to see what the stress has been doing and also to learn new ways of cooking and such without salt and adding foods with potassium coupled with special supplements. Our second born daughter is actually taking some of the same supplements via her nutritionist because of another artery in her body in an entirely different's all very interesting to me. Thanks for your input and encouragement Sandi.

God is Faithful. Amen. I appreciate you!

Cheryl Kimbley said...

What an absolutely gorgeous picture!!!!! Your parents were a very beautiful couple. Just stunning. No wonder you love it so!
Lovely scripture. Thank you for the song - wasn't that lovely?
You take care of yourself - you have been under some strain. Do whatever needed to take care of you - your family needs you.
Have a blessed evening.

Amelia said...

Thank you so much Cheryl, your comment means the world to me!

Thank you so much for the encouragement to take care of myself, it's a comfort and blessing that you see that I have been under strain, it is very difficult at times. You seem to have a knack for *seeing* things sensitively with discernment and I so appreciate that.

Wasn't that song gorgeous? There is just something about a men's choir or group like that, I've been on the hunt for a men's choir cd that may have that song on it, a men's military choir would be great actually.

You have a blessed evening too Cheryl, God bless you. I appreciate you!

Amelia said...

Hi Shirley, Oh thank you so much for your precious comment. Thank you for your encouraging words and compliment on my parents, and I sooo appreciate your prayers. I need them, my mom needs them, we all need them. : ) Seriously we do. I covet those prayers, Shirley, you have no idea.

It's a comfort to hear from another Sister who has this bp challenge. Yes! I think our heart turning flip-flops is so accurate of a description! I've been like that since a wee little girl...I was explaining to my husband this, his personality is so different than mine is in certain ways, not all, but certain situations... and he seems to let things roll off a bit more naturally than I do. Of course this man's family owned a grocery store in a an interesting part of town and things were dangerous at times. I told him he will have to take charge over a few things for me concerning business of my mother, true business, and he is very good natured on that thank the Lord, he tries hard to be understanding of my disposition.

I look forward to receiving that newsletter Shirley, thank you so very much for understanding. You're a dear. Thanks again for taking the time to comment, it means the world.

I appreciate you! ((((hugs)))) ~Amelia

Suzette said...

Hopped over from Legacy of Home. Hello from Louisiana! Thank you for your blog!

Amelia said...

Hello Suzette! Thank you so very much for taking the time to read and comment! Your comment is an encouragement and blessing to me. : )

Please come back and visit, I appreciate and enjoy meeting new blogging friends!