Saturday, April 1, 2023

What's Been Going On? Sewing Practical Skirt sets, Desperate Decluttering...Nature - God's Handiwork and Music Suggestion

Oh me oh my, it's been so long and I feel as if I've neglected my poor little blog.  But I've been so busy with the work of home and all of that entails with the grand-littles, elderly parents and cooking nutritious dinners and all of that jazz...and yes, decluttering.  Not stupidly throwing away things that might be needed but giving things away that I don't like anymore or don't fit.   Or putting things in an evaluation bag for a year or so.  (No pressure that way)   With everything that goes...I haven't been able to squeeze blogging in and have not even known what to blog about, for the theatre of my mind is so very full.

So this is life here, please oblige...

One sewing goal that was an immediate need in hot weather now is making two practical cool skirt and top sets.  Something feminine but casual and cool for home, I don't wear skirts every day but in the warmer weather it sure is nice and it feels so feminine too.  I can pair these sets with sandals, mix and match with other things in my closet and even throw tennis shoes on with these skirt sets, it's kinda cute.  


These tops are from Simplicity 1690 and I made mine vneck.  Both of these outfits are from very comfortable and  breathable cotton lawn fabric.    The skirts are Simplicity 4881.  I made mine maxi length. The  belts are just my made-up belts I used with the leftover fabric.  The top has very small side slits on bottom but not necessary, the tops are a little shorter, almost forming a peplum appearance and I like that.

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This contains an image of: 

I added navy ric rac on this one so the outfit would compliment my fair skintone a bit better.


Last Child in the Woods

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This is a neat shot of my son in law with our grandsons enjoying God's Handiwork...

A good book?    Last Child in the Woods.  If you are tired of all of the screen stuff?   Read:   Last Child in the Woods, it's an excellent book, the Lord used that book to help me and direct my feelings and heart before moving out here.   God had been working on my heart, yes indeedie. 



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So nice when you go out to eat and you are seated across the window from that awesome old house, you whisper Thank you Lord! ....Oh the stories that home must have!   When it was for sale we would walk over there and peer into the windows, you could tell there were some parties probably presented there, a few  white porcelain rolling style carts on the back porch area near the kitchen.   A huge glass fixture hanging over the den...Huge with swirled mint green, baby blue, pale pinks and lavender in a solid glass giant fixture.   The town is a polite one...Have you noticed different towns and areas have different spirits to them?  When we look at the history many times we see why, what kind of people founded the town, were they mannerly?  Did they appreciate the arts?  Were they good Christian people?


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Meet Missy Christmas.    Our daughter called us late in the night on December 27, and told us about a poor dog spinning in circles out in the freezing cold.   They tried to warm her with blankets and the next morning we went out, Jem and I, to get that fur baby.   She's blind and has been mistreated, the youngish vet looked at us and said:   

She's had one hell of a life.

She's in good hands now...Oh my heart.  What a sweet little good natured doggy...Little angel.  Who dumps these precious animals, God's creatures?   Who does this?


Creative Touches.  Our oldest daughter and her husband gave us this handsome lazy susan to us for Christmas.  Our kitchen island was the perfect place for it!

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One of our neighbor's cows.  I love to see these guys and gals with the little calves...

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Our daughter who lives at home is mommy to this little guy...Atticus.  


One of the fur angels here, she's so sweet with her little pink nose!   Mo-Mo.


 I love to keep things old fashioned here.  Why not?  With all the things going on in the world, I can keep this a sanctuary and play sweet things that clear the mind, make me smile and allow me to hear God's Still Small Voice.


This precious music station has just what I was looking for...



Well Dear Readers, I think of you all often.  I never thought I would be away so long when I posted my Christmas post but here I am! : )

Memory Bank This Week  Edit 4.4.23, our daughter sent me this pic!

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I played a vintage Candy Land game and Pick-up-Sticks too with one of our little grandsons...So fun!   Nice memory to put in my memory bank. *big smile*

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May we lift our country up in prayers and make our little homes that sweet sanctuary in attitude and prayer.   They will know we are Christians by our love.   We don't have to compromise on anything or be afraid to speak out, but they will know we are Christians by our love and in my opinion our sincere example. 

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May we lift our country up in prayers and make our little homes that sweet sanctuary in attitude and prayer. How will our kids and grandkids remember us?   I hope a Holy Ghost smile will always be there for my family. 

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Until the next time...Signing off from My Forest Cathedral




Mrs. White said...

This is such a lovely post. It was just like a visit! It is good to hear how you are doing. I always love the clothes you make! I have those same patterns because you recommended them and they look like something I would enjoy. But I have not as yet made anything with them. Perhaps someday.
I enjoyed this peaceful post! God bless you!

Linda said...

So joyful to stop by and visit with you. All your fur baby's are so sweet ! Blessings ~ Linda

Sandi said...

Oh, that sweet little baby! 💕

I like the ric rac. Brought back memories of my grandma's sewing.

Amelia said...

Thank you Mrs. White, I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit! : )

The patterns are both very easy, no darts or anything. I bet you could even do them by hand if you wanted to try that one day. On the skirt I just use 2 yards of fabric and lay the pattern piece straight up instead of diagonal.

I'm so happy that you found my post peaceful because we are all needing that. God bless and be with you!

Amelia said...

Hi Linda, I hope you are doing well! It's a joy receiving your comment! : ) Thank you, our fur babies are truly a blessing to us, so much love they give.

God bless and be with you Linda!

Amelia said...

Hi Sandi! Yes, she is so sweet, do you know she doesn't even bark? She just cries when she is in pain or scared. She had a hernia we thought was a lipoma, the vet said someone kicked this baby very hard or either she was hit by a car. He put in a few stitches when he spayed her and that was a blessing. A huge blessing. She also had a rotted tooth he took out, God bless that vet.

I'm so glad you like the ric rac! There really is something about ric rac isn't there? So neat it reminds you of your Grandma's sewing, that is truly a sweet thing.

God bless you Sandi!

EM Griffith said...

What a sweet and special blog post/catch up, Amelia! It's so good to finally see Missy Christmas and also to get a glimpse into your life. I've added you to my favorites. :-) --Elise

Amelia said...

Hi Elise! So great to see you here! : )

So glad you were able to have a picture now of Missy Christmas, what would we do without our fur angels right?

I'm humbled and thankful that you have added me to your favorites.

God bless you Elise! I appreciate you.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful life update! I love the new outfits you made. Missy Christmas is so precious! I’m so glad y’all were able to take her in! That poor baby.

I’m going to have to listen to that music..I love beautiful music when the boys are quiet enough for me enjoy it. 😅

The country pictures are so beautiful. Spring is such a beautiful time of year with everything in bloom.

Amelia said...

Hello! Oh you will love that music...It's so sweet!

It is so pretty and green in the country right now...So many pretty flowers that just grow wild too!

I'm hoping those little outfits will hold me over on those warm days, (nothing like lawn cotton) and I can be like a WWII wife and Mimi puttering around in my feminine attire. : )

As I told a sweet kindred spirit we recently met also eating at the Greek restaurant we go to, Ozzie and Harriett and Ward and June and all the rest are right here. Yes indeedie.

Anonymous said...

I just read your blog and I’m so thankful the dear Lord introduced me to your writings. I need to read good true life stories from other families. You have created lovely outfits for summer.

Amelia said...

Dear Anonymous, Thank you!

I'm thankful to the Lord He led you here and you are blessed by what you read and are encouraged! Your comment is a Gift to me this fine Sunday morning!

Blessings to you! I'm very glad you are here.

Cheryl Kimbley said...

I love the outfits that you have made - they look very comfortable. Missy Christmas is an extremely lucky little baby. Precious soul! I don't understand people - how can anyone harm any small defenseless animal? Sick people in this world.
Our homes are our sanctuaries, and we should keep them as we like them.
Lovely blog!

Amelia said...

Hi Cheryl! So glad you stopped by! : ) Yes, here it get's soooo hot and we keep the a/c at 79 or 80 so I needed something very breathable and comfie too.

So happy you got to meet "Missy Christmas", she's a good baby and doesn't even bark bless her heart. I don't understand someone doing this either, it's a bit concerning knowing people are walking around that do these things.

Thank you so much Cheryl for the encouraging words and for coming by, it means the world!

Sherry said...

i'm soooo thankful you're loving on that sweet little ball of fur. i don't understand how a person can be so cruel. well. now she's living the life of love, tender care, comfort and security. what a blessing..

it's been a while. i'm back. i think. ;)

Amelia said...

Awww Sherry! I'm so happy to see you back for the mostpart? : )

I have thought of you often when I'm on blogger, I too have realized I must stay away from stress. It's nice to be quiet and listen to sweet music or in quietness and hear talk to the Lord with contentment as I know you would agree.

Yes, little Missy is safe with us, I tell her that too as I hold her at times. I sing to her..."Missy Christmas! Best doggone dog in the west!" *big smile*

Glad you're back. Very glad you are back!

Brooke said...

I found your blog from a comment on Mrs. White’s blog. The tops and skirts are lovely! —

Amelia said...

Hi Brooke, so very nice to meet you! Thank you for taking the time to come by! I'm so glad you like the skirts and tops, they are nice and cool for the warm weather. : )

I will have to come and sneak a peak at your blog too soon.

Thank you again for coming by and please come by again! I'll have coffee and tea ready to go! : )

Blessings! ~Amelia