Thursday, March 3, 2022

Show N' Tell: Informative Podcast, Today in my Little World

Hi everybody, Here's just some things I would like to share.   Thanks so much for asking about my precious dog, Coffee.  It's so nice to be cared about the way you folks do.


Here's my Show n' Tell so to speak:


Podcast Episode #67.  March 2.  Dr. Peter Breggin   

Dr. Peter Breggin was one of the only doctors to speak out against lobotomy and now speaks out about other issues of our day. 

Do you like education?  I like to learn from who I see as trusted people.  Dr. Peter Breggin seems to be a good one for that.  That's also another reason I enjoy Dr. Ron Paul at times, I don't always agree with everyone all the time but we all know how that goes.

loading ... Photo, Robert Stock 

This little girl with her little expression could be me in my home.  I listen, I learn and I PRAY, I do things I like to do etc. sometimes i am decluttering, sometimes I'm cooking, sometimes I'm designing or sewing.  My fur angels here at the sanctuary take up a good amount of time, trust me.   I'm not withered or downcast.   I do like to stay informed however.  I do not like to frighten but I like to warn just like this little girl might do.  



Here's a quote from Dr. Breggin,  and I so understand exactly what he is talking about:


I get a look from a sweet, gentle person, male or female, nurse or doctor that turns to hatred.  And fierce, fierce anger that is quickly covered up and the conversation stops.   ~ Dr. Peter Breggin

This quote above is towards the end of the interview.


Here's the podcast:   HERE

Many scripture references there as well.


In My Kitchen:   

Oh it smells so good here!   I'm baking some vegan meat-a-ballas!  Yum!   I'm using the Gardein brand that I actually buy at Walmart in the frozen section.  They are delicious.   Aldis actually has a very good vegan meatball as well!   But they are hard to come by unfortunately over at Aldis probably  because they are good and reasonable! 


loading ... Photo, Robert Stock

So I'm doing vegan meatballs that will be sauteed in Mezzetta brand Marianara pasta gravy.  Americanis might call it sauce, real Italians call it gravy.  *big smile* 



In My Studio:

In the studio today I will be finishing up a blouse from some beautiful cotton fabric from Hobby Lobby.   I made an obi belt to define the waist and need to put a topstitch on that.  Then  I'm going to hopefully start cutting out a blue and white stripe top and skirt with obi belt.  Maybe I can get some pics of my projects.


Today Jem fasts and prays and is outside quite a bit.  I told him I needed to just relax today and do some art, it will be good for me today to do that.  I've already gone on a wonderful walk, oh so relaxing.

And you?


Well, that's my blog, I'm trying not to spend loads of time but yet get some things off to share too, I enjoy it and hope you do too.  

Let me know how you all are doing!  I enjoy hearing from you all.  

 Pin on So true!!

So true!  That's pretty much how I try to run my blog here...It's who I am.  I try to be like a good Church, not worrying about numbers.  Speaking the truth in love and sensitivity as I sense the Holy Spirit leading.

If any of you have had prayer requests for yourselves or loved ones, humans or pets, if I saw it, I was there to pray and let you know I prayed, you can be assured of that.




Patti said...

Hi, friend! Life in your home and especially your kitchen sounds lovely. Meatballs and gravy are always welcome in my house.

Ah, the times we are living in!! Perhaps our glorious Lord is about to return!
I hope so! I am SO weary of the ugliness and hatred of this world. How thankful I am that this is not our forever home.

My mother-in-law (who passed in 2018) was full-blooded Italian (Sicilian, really). Her parents emigrated to America in the early 1900's (before she was born). She always called ricotta cheese, "rigota" (hard "g' and long "o"). Whereas, most everyone calls it ricotta (hard "c," "ah sound), if you were an Italian, you called it rigota. What about you? Ricotta or rigota?

Oh, boy, do we need to fast and pray! Jem has the right idea. I am not fully fasting, but for a time, I am eating only 1 meal a day---at dinner. I fast the early part of the day.

Okay, blessings to you, my friend.


Amelia said...

Hi Patti!

Yes, the world is getting uglier and uglier but as you write, we are not of this world and the precious hope of our Lord Jesus gives us Peace that passeth all understanding. It's *so* wonderful to be able to trust in Jesus.

Aw yes! Rigota. Yes, that is how we pronounce it too! My grandma's parents came here from Naples, Italy when she was a tiny infant in the early 1900s and my grandpa was from Bisaquino Sicily! He came in 1915 as a teenager. He was from the same village as Frank Capra. My husband's people are from Sicily too! : )

Yes, pray, pray, pray. Oh wow...Did I say pray? Whew. Man, if only people realized how we pray right?

Big hugs and blessings to you friend!

Love, Amelia

Barbara said...

Cutre graphic about Nutella and making everybody happy. We are more free when we accept the truth that we can't make others happy. That's their choice.

Love and hugs.

Amelia said...

So true Barbara, it's difficult at times but we can't be controlled by others as long as we are keeping our side of the street clean. The spirit of control is a very bad thing, I would say evil in some cases. But typically it's so hard just leaving the unhappy with *them* even if it's just an unhappy someone who is just plain...unhappy.

Love, Amelia xo

Christine said...

I really like how you describe how you present your Blog! Like a Church.
What a great discription!

I have missed reading your thoughts and what you are doing! I'm going to try and be more regular because I enjoy stoppping by.

Amelia said...

Hi Christine, Thank you!

Yes, I've missed hearing from you, I thought you had perhaps left the blogging world, I'm so very glad that you will be stopping by more often! I'll have the coffee on!

I appreciate you!

Linda said...

Hi Amelia, I'm a bit behind, too much canning :), so I've just been reading through a few of your posts and prayed for your Coffee. Pray she's all better now. I'm also a prayer warrior. Thank you for the updates about Ukraine..those poor poor people. I saw one news story and the lady said "we were living good lives and were just about to build a new home, and now we've had to leave everything behind". Can you imagine such horror? my heart goes out to them, especially when I see mums with babies and dad's being left behind and images of the elderly standing alone with suitcase in hand...Oh my :( Lord help them, surround them with your holy angels!! It truly shocked me that Russia did this? I'm too naïve at times. I also think of all the regular Russian people who despise what's happening and totally disagree with it. I know they'll be people their on their knees in prayer as well. Our comfort is knowing God sees all and like you wrote, miracles are happening. Bless you and your precious caring heart and prayerful, faithful spirit ~ Linda x

Amelia said...

Hi Linda, Yes, my sentiments too on the brothers and sisters in the Ukraine...Horrible. No words to describe what is happening. I've seen a video from a viable source of people with a little child as a missile struck the home they were in...Oh the sobs of the little child. Oh Dear Lord.

It's a privilege to have a prayer partner here on blogger such as yourself.

War is everywhere I do believe, when I see things behind the scenes done covertly and even losing someone in our family unnecessarily due to that war I know we had better be on our knees. Our Victor's Wreath will sure enough be in the prayer closet.

Thank you for your prayers for our little Coffee, it means the world to me, our fur angels are truly part of our family. God must be hearing your prayers because she was playing so cute with her fellow fur angels here last night instead of laying around.

Thanks again, Linda. I appreciate you!