Monday, August 23, 2021

Life Means So Much...Everyday is a Journal Page, What Will we Compose?


This song by Chris Rice really ministers to my heart, I've loved it for years.  It's such a truthful reminder, let us consider the words to this  beautiful song...


It's donned on me that the evening that our little dog probably was in trouble, or somewhere he shouldn't have been, I was distracted and very, very upset by a most calculating, prying individual who was upsetting one of my loved ones.  We've all seen their likes.  It's very upsetting the amount of energy they took from me that afternoon.  This song brings things home and how we must keep things focused on our loved ones in our own home.   Every day is a journal page what will we compose?

Speaking of calculating people, there's a lot going on in this big world and perhaps in our little worlds, much like it was that evening and night our little Peanut went missing.  Let's make sure and give our love and energies and care to those in our homes or even outside our homes who we really care about, it could be one of our children, young or old, our precious fur angels who need our attention as in my situation that evening.  Let's be careful not to be distracted by those who cause trouble or even troubling news.  There are people and situations who are used  by the enemy and we must recognize it.   They will steal our Joy, steal our time, and they will distract us from those in our own homes.   Some of it is inevitable but let's try hard to carry on in calmness, and do the next thing as  Elisabeth Elliott said.  I'm preaching to myself too! 


Many of us are in those sandwich years, our generation could be called the Sandwich Generation.   We have elderly parents and have younger sons and daughters too, and  grandchildren.  So.  We must carry on on the strong wings of prayer!   There are times I have to look up to the Lord and say...Oh God, you're going to have to help me with this one!



Now, I must say I'm a firm believer in keeping up with viable news on the radio etc. those who share my values.   My father was a city councilman, I grew up with political pamphlets etc. in our home, but I know when to turn it off even if it's a viable source.  I get my information to educate myself and when it repeats or becomes a bit much, I know it's enough.  


One thing that will help greatly with news coming in is to make things prayer points, we can cast our cares on Him and He gives that Peace.   God wins, if you read Revelations it is rather eye opening to how He works things.  He wins. 

When I do find my mind going to things that are not peaceful thoughts and could cause worry, I sing and sometimes I raise my hands to the Lord ....Holy, holy, holy........Lord God Almighty....Early in the morning our song will rise to thee!....Holy thou art holy.....merciful and mighty....God in creation, blessed trinity...   It just scoots those  bad thoughts away!  *HERE* is one version by Keith Green in entirety.



In the natural end of things...I  believe if God's children would pay attention to real facts, those presented by true believers, get with the Lord and have a tiddle of discernment to what is up we wouldn't be in this lousy mess.  It's hard for people to have any discernment when they are filling their minds with tv programs or movies that have things in it that God hates.  It dulls their senses and then throw in the artificial sweeteners and junk they eat etc. that dull their minds, it's a disaster and this is in the churches too.  I've never seen such a twisted up mess, people calling good, evil and evil, good.  

We all have little governments in our home, let's keep our homes an atmosphere of praise and have a sweet spirit and smile, don't be a sour puss, our kids do not need that, our  grown kids do not need that, our husbands do not need that and it's okay to ask our husbands to smile a bit too.  We'll be eating out and I look at a table with a family and the children look like  good kids and I look at the parents and they seem so sullen and no fun at all to be around, and even rude, I saw the father pass the waiter as he left and just coldly hands the tip to waiter, moving as if the waiter was almost invisible as if the man was giving a snobbish hat-tip. They probably just came from church, the kids were wearing matching Christian tshirts.  

Let's love others, I mean really love others, showing care right in our own home and outside the home.  I see people who are very right-on in what they say but aren't all that nice, it's a bit like what Corinthians says about being a clanging cymbal eh?

It's been a difficult time, losing little Peanut, I miss that little baby dearly but God comforts and helps me, He even sends surprises and Gifts my way.   He'll do the same for you too, we can ask Him to. 

Speaking of loving others, I so appreciate the loving and kind comments that were made on my last blog about our little Peanut.   Those comments touched my heart deeply and mean the world.  Thank you so much.  



I recently heard this quote by Ann Frank

“The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quite alone with the heavens, nature and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be and that God wishes to see people happy, amidst the simple beauty of nature. As longs as this exists, and it certainly always will, I know that then there will always be comfort for every sorrow, whatever the circumstances may be. And I firmly believe that nature brings solace in all troubles.” 


 This is a little garden banner I bought in remembrance of little Peanut.

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 A little garden statue I came across, I thought this was so sweet.

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So, in my garden under one of the Lilac trees I have a little memorial for little Peanut and all of our precious pets who have crossed over to the other side, I'm sure I've shared about the middle aged man who was in the nursing home for physical care I met who was greeted  by all of his pets when he had crossed over to Heaven before the paramedics brought him back.  Yes, it's true.  We can't argue with a testimony. 

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I hope you all are doing well, we have quite a lot going on here, a wedding being planned as my oldest daughter is getting married and it should be quite a nice affair.   It will be small and intimate but a nice affair.   I actually have been working on, designing and sewing a classic styled ballet length mother of the bride dress and it's totally the Lord how He has guided me on that.   The fabric is a rather slippery lining type fabric with a slight sheen in an eggplant-plum color, very vintage I think.  

It also looks like we just moved in, we had new flooring installed the week before we lost our little Peanut and every nook and cranny was emptied into my living area.  I'm trying to just go through one box at a time, it needed to be done but all at one time is a bit much for me.  I divide my days into segments, cooking time, creating time, reading time and unloading a box time... When I don't get done what I set out to do, when I have unexpected calls...I just end my day saying to myself:  "I did the best I could."


We watched the movie:   The Book Thief  and I'm listening also to the hauntingly beautiful soundtrack in my kitchen...The movie is beautiful....It's not a happy-go-lucky movie by any means as it takes place during Hitler's rein.  It has plenty of poignant and even sweet parts though.  I loved her adopted father, he reminds me of my step daddy.   What those people went through, but the very ending is so touching and the movie is so very poignant to me. The young girl, Liesl reminds me of our youngest, she looked very, very much the same when she was that age.  It's remarkable. 


Another movie I was watching in glimpses yesterday on a Christian station was The Yearling (1946)...Oh my.  I can hardly watch that movie  but there was a part playing that I had never seen before.  The two precious, sweet, sweet little boys were talking before they went to sleep, one sweet little boy was telling the other about the clouds and asks....Do you ever watch the clouds?   There are angels behind the clouds, I just know it!


There is joy in quiet meditation and prayer--in simply talking with the Heavenly Father about anything and everything each day.  And in knowing that He hears and he cares.   Author unkown


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All creatures have something visible and invisible.  The visible is weak;  the invisible is strong and alive.  This (the invisible) seeks to get through to human understanding because human beings do not see it.  And yet these invisible realities are forces in the workings of the Holy Spirit.      -Hildegard of Bingen


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In closing, my husband reminds to not be in fear, he knows a lot of people are going through a lot of changes right now, God has not given us a spirit of fear.  Just keep your eyes on Him and He will give you the Peace that passes all understanding.

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Terra said...

This post is so dear and full of encouragement. We can never have or give too much encouragement these days. I sing out loud to the Lord during the day too, you reminded me of that song "Holy holy holy". So sad your little Peanut is gone; that is the sweetest painting on the garden flag. Be well my friend. And a wedding coming up, that will be a celebration.

Sandi said...

Right now Peanut is running and jumping, and flying like an eagle, in Heaven.

Amelia said...

Hello Terra, What a treat to find not one, but two comments from you! I'm so glad you were encouraged, yes, we sure can use now-a-days right sister? That song has always been one of my favorites, there's just something about it. We miss little Peanut sorely and the flag is a gentle reminder of him in a beautiful way. Thank you, yes, I think this wedding will be a nice celebration. I really stepped out in faith, sewing my own dress, *gentle smile* Thank you again Terra, how thoughtful of you to come and write such sweet words of encouragement to *me*. : ) Please know as you sing, and I just love that btw...I'm singing over here too. God bless you Terra!

Amelia said...

Sandi, When I read your comment, I smiled hugely and said to myself...Yes. Yes. Yes!!! Oh such soothing, truthful words Sandi. Thank you for coming and encouraging me today. God bless you Sandi!

auntie said...

Mrs. Amelia,
I can always count on you to lift my heart and remind me what is most important. Is it Lea who is getting married? Please give her my best wishes and let her know that she is in my prayers.
Thanks be to God for friends such as you. Friends who are constant and strong in their love for Him. Thanks also for the encouragement that you give to those in the cyberverse.

Sherry said...

simply put..
*agreeing with all you shared in this post. we're of the same mind, you and me.
*keith green's version is lovely.
*praying for the sweet couple's upcoming wedding and more importantly their marriage.
bless you sweetly, friend.

Amelia said...

Aww...Auntie. It's wonderful to hear from you dear Friend...I think about you often and have prayed for you and I covet your caring prayers as well. I thank God for you also dear one, you are a special friend. It's amazing how the Lord works through cyberspace.

I appreciate you Auntie, we are going to look back and recognize those special friends who lift each other up in prayers and encourage each other in the Lord!

Amelia said...

Thank you Sherry, It's so wonderful to meet kindred spirits here in cyberland, the Lord moves in mysterious ways does He not? What an encouragement!

Thank you for your prayers and sweet words of encouragement dear Sherry, I appreciate you. Thanking God for you...

Rajani Rehana said...

Awesome blog

Rajani Rehana said...

Read my new post

Amelia said...

Thank you Rajani, God be with you always.

1Thess411gal said...

Hi, sweet friend! What a lovely post this is! I love that Chris Rice song. Such powerful lyrics! I do enjoy some secular music (Big Band, Frank Sinatra, instrumental jazz), but I've come to realize that my spirit is more peaceful and serene when I listen to praise music at home. I love praise and worship choruses! Also, Casting Crowns. Have you heard their newest song? It's called Scars in Heaven. Track it down if you get a chance. I have 2 friends who recently lost their husbands, and I could picture both of them singing those words. In fact, one of them did have it sung at her husband's funeral.

Christian music has such power to uplift, encourage, and inspire!

Oh, I changed my username, so it's still me, Patti, but I show up as 1Thess411 now. That verse is truly my ambition!

I hope wedding plans are moving along nicely. Such a fun time! I only have 1 daughter to have wedding planned with, and that day is nearly 6 years behind me now. Their baby is due in the next couple week. I am SO excited.

I am a horrible emailer, as I know you are aware. I'm not a huge fan of email, so I rarely check it. I'm sorry. I DO want to email you back, though.

Ah, The Yearling! Such a great film! We watched a touching Stanwyck/MacMurray film last week. Called There's Always Tomorrow, it was the story of a married man who fell in love with an old flame. Unlike films of today, though, the old flame moved away, as she knew it wasn't right for him to leave his wife and family. Ah, those old movies so upheld better values!!

Okay, blessings to you!


Amelia said...

Hi Patti-Gem!

I'll have to check out the song by Casting Crowns, sounds very good.

I like your new user name, sounds good, thanks for letting me know. Haha! Oh my on email...I type 70 words a minute or at one time did so for me, it's very easy. I probably should send more hard copy cards I admire that. I am a firm believer in real thank you notes, isn't it sad that people don't seem to want to at least send a thank you note?

The wedding plans are moving right along, this is a smaller wedding than we have done previously but I think it will be so fun. It's been in the making for months now, and was reduced to what they call a micro wedding when my daughter was becoming very stressed with it all...So this will be nice.

Oh...I always wonder if your new grandbaby has arrived! So now I have a better time frame! I'll bath things in prayers be assured. We have another little baby boy on the way due near Christmas. *big smile* I look forward to hearing of your new arrival!

Ooooh.. yes. A new old movie to check into as well, thank you! I appreciate that, I also appreciate your book suggestions. The book that started the wonderful Halllmark movie, The Magic of Ordinary Days was not at all what I was thinking it would be (you may have known it would not be to my liking at all) so was so very thankful you gave me an alternative book suggestion! Your suggestion is on my bookshelf waiting for the wedding and projects go by.

Have you seen 'Three Coins in the Fountain'? Oh my, I liked so much of that because it took place in Italy. I didn't care for one scene though but loved the scene of the Italians in the old car jumping out to stop the car! *big smile* How about 'Love is a Many Splendid Thing' with Jennifer Jones and William Holden?

So great to hear from you dear friend, Love, Amelia

Christine said...

Hi Amelia! ❤❤
I have missed reading your blog. I stepped away from my computer for awhile.
So happy to read this current one.
A wedding! That is encouraging and so special.

Christine 🧡

Amelia said...

Hi Christine, So nice to hear from you, it's been a while right?

I'm glad to see you are doing well, it's a fun season but it's been bitter sweet with the loss of Peanut, our little dog but God sends His love in so many special ways.

We are very excited about the upcoming wedding. God is good!

Take care now, until the next time, xo Amelia

Sandi said...

Hope you are doing well.

Just checking in.


Amelia said...

Hello Sandi, thanks, yes, doing well! : ) And you?

Rajani Rehana said...

Your blog is amazing.

Amelia said...

Hi Rajani! Thank you so much. God bless you! Hope you are doing well! : )