Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Bits of Life

Hello Dear Ones, Just busy with Life these days.  Our little elderly fur angel, Guiseppe has kept me extra engaged lately.  Jem and I have been to the vet several times in the past couple of months, for Guiseppe has a tumor behind his ear and it's requiring quite a bit of care.  As you probably already know he is almost completely blind.  He's a sweet little thing and we are so thanking God for our vet, he obviously takes care of animals out of pleasure not for monetary gain.  It's so nice to meet Christians who behave so much as a Christian we know it by their actions and care.  There really is something to that song I used to sing,  They Will Know we Are Christians by Our Love.

So please pray for little Guiseppe, our vet does not want to remove the tumor at Guiseppe's age.  So I will care for our angel the best way I can.

The hits of little Guiseppe's day and evening are stumbling little walks around the kitchen island sniffing for crumbs, he feels like a big boy when he does that or in the evening he loves sitting next to Jem resting his head on Jem's hand.


I think I'll include a few pics to show life here in the Forest.
An evening walk in the Forest.

A Sunday afternoon here on our screened in back porch.  I love it there on the back porch, it's my element and I'm thinking when the fall arrives, perhaps I will take some of my sewing projects there.

I like to cook quietly... sometimes I turn on conservative radio, sometimes oldtime Christian radio or sometimes a pretty classical music cd I have or...sometimes 40s music.  I enjoy 40s music.  The 40s is my thing...It brings joy to my heart as in my household I try to keep a 40s vibe in ways, the good ways.
Homegrown tomatoes, a cake stand that was my Grandma Oddo's, green glass salt and pepper shakers from an antique store that Jem bought me because he knew I liked them.  They remind of the old Andy Griffith show.  The natural bunnies are from Marianna and James for Mother's Day.

This tells the tale, Grandma Oddo would be proud.   I always think of my Grandma when I'm cooking.

These fellas were adorable!  Jem and I were having lunch at a sandwich shop in smalltown and these guys were there, they were darling.  I suspect either WWII or Korean War vets..  or both.   After they ate I was so amused to see them hop on a motorcycle like it was nothing....Just an everyday thing to go home after enjoying a satisfying healthy lunch.  Very good attitudes!  One thing I've noticed when we go into smalltown, and that is the elderly there have very good attitudes.

Little Dresses for Africa.  I enjoy sewing, designing simple but cute clothes, so I try to make one Little Dress for Africa for every piece of clothing I make for myself.   These particular ones are made with pure cotton tshirts cut in half and adding a cotton gathered bottom.  I embellish with the daisy to make them extra special.  When I get a huge envelope full, I mail them in.  I try to make the bigger girls' sizes, they need those many times for the older girls.  If you are interested in using your sewing talents, you may go to the Little Dresses for Africa site.

During a big rainstorm, this fella came in through our dog door.  I named him Barnaby, but Barnaby moved on when the next storm hit a few days later..He was a sweetie.  Jem said he saw him the other day cutting through our property.  I think Barnaby is a wanderer bless his heart.

Jem's music room through the window.

Jem and I just celebrated our 38th wedding anni and we enjoy New Orleans, I have history there, some may say, it's in my blood.  I love Jackson square with the St. Louis Cathedral.  My Grandma Oddo attended here when she was a little girl.  Her family came from Naples, Italy when she was a baby.  The Italian family had an ice cream shop across from Jax brewery where they also made their own ice cream cones.  The family moved out of New Orleans when her little brothers became older.

I think of this song:

It's a sweet song.  Jem and I have this one on our playlist and listen to it when we go places together.

Love the river boats going down the Mississippi River in New Orleans...  Totally another element of mine.  My father attended Gulfport Military school not far from here.  I still remember his stories of crossing the Mississippi to the all-girls school for dance socials.

Gulf Coast Military Academy

Once, (he was a captain)  he had picked up a small grenade type of thing and put it in his hat.  A fellow student who was a little off was throwing them out of the upstairs window on room inspection day.  My dad had quickly put it into his hat for safe keeping.

At the girls' school social he had forgotten and when greeting the older lady heading up the school with the walk and look of an overweight top heavy red-breasted robin, hair piled high on head, I'm thinking one of those ruffled numbers around her neck, brooch and all.... Daddy bowed as Southerner's do (did) and took his hat off.

The little grenade type of thing fell out of his hat and.... exploded.

His entire school was on detention until the story was told.

Oh that's just the brief version.  *Eh hem*

Oh the stories I have and the stories that left with my dad...

Speaking of my Dad, I found the above photo in my jewelry box a few weeks ago.  This was taken five days before I was born.   I think of my dad every day.  That simple sentence is full of thoughts and memories and feelings and on and on.....

June 17, was the one year mark since he passed away.

Today was a solitary day for the mostpart, I was here with Guiseppe and our other fur angels and I was thinking as I walked outside, went on our back screen porch and noticing how close to God I felt...He is the only fulfillment for any of us.  I came back in and realized I needed to chat with God more so today, aside from my morning quiet time...and use this solitairy time wisely.   I turned off the radio etc.

It was nice, singing songs to God and speaking with Him about any troubles.  I think God wants our full attention in a loving way, just as we want full attention from loved ones, if we are talking to them and they are dis-engaged perhaps on a screen of some kind, it can be hurtful and I'm sure this is how our Father feels at times.

Well that's the wrap.  I know I've been a bad little blogger lately. *big smile*

Well, *happy sigh*  I have blogged and gotten back in touch.  I'm not going to be a perfectionist, just get this journal up by George.

I hope you enjoy this buffet of Life here.  I want to just enjoy blogging and get these little bits of Life up, perhaps to encourage, perhaps to share, just share my heart...

God bless you dear ones, I appreciate you.



Barbara said...

Your dad! What a guy! I enjoyed the story about the grenade at the girls' school. My goodness!

I know you are taking just the best of care of Guiseppie. (did I spell his name right???) He looks so sweet. And Barnaby. Just-a-passin' through, as we all are, en route to Heaven!

I've missed your blogging but completely understand. Blogging is fun and has its benefits, but there are many other calls on our time as well. We do well to order our time wisely.

Amelia said...

Thank you so much Barbara, I will just have to tell some more stories about my dad, they really are interesting, poignant and many times hilarious!

You are so kind to send your encouragements and prayers. I trust all is well with you in your sweet home there! : )

Debbie Harris said...

Oh Amelia, such a nostalgic post, I loved every bit of your sharing heart as you blessed us with a glimpse of your precious life.
That photo of you at the end of the post is darling! You were a prissy little thing from the get go. :)
38 years of marriage, congratulations to the both of you!
Your little Guiseppe and his health problems are such a concern for you I am sure. :( My prayers will be with you during this time of having to care for him in a very special way.
It brings back memories of when our rabbit (Lakota) was very ill and we cared for him like a baby. That year of caring for him was one of the most precious times of our lives with our pets.
Barnaby would have had a marvelous home should he have stayed with you.

I trust that this day has met you with love and faithfulness from our Heavenly Father ~

Marianna said...

Beautiful post -- loved all the pics, stories, and the song, too! That is a great story about Grandpa -- I didn't remember that one! Oh my... what a character he was. I think about him a lot, too. I can't believe it has been a year already! That blows my mind.

I also really liked what you said about God wanting our undistracted time and needing those solitary moments sometimes for some extra time with Him. So important and so true. Those can be such sweet times of quieting our hearts and hearing His voice over the roar of our circumstances.

I hope G. is doing okay, and I hope "Barnaby" will find a good home someplace. <3

Beautiful NOLA pics also! One day I hope to go there again.

Amelia said...

Thank you Debbie!

You made me smile hugely and laugh out loud... "Prissy little thing"! Oh. My. That is so funny to me!

Your rabbit, Lacota sounds so darling. That is precious, and precious in the eyes of God the way you cared for him. That is the way we feel about Guiseppe and our pets.

Thank you so much Debbie for stopping by! I hope you are resting and being good. ; )

Amelia said...

Marianna, Yes, we have some great Grandpa stories dont we? I'm really going to try to write more stories of Grandpa. I hear the planes flying over our house low and I always think of Grandpa. ...So many things.

Yes, one day you will have to go back to NOLA, it's a one of a kind place in this world.

It's funny, I can walk outside and I feel the whole world and all it's problems just ....Hush. It's as if God says sweetly....Hush...

And as you know so well we have to be quiet whether inside or out to hear that Still Small Voice of the Father. There is truly Peace in that.

Thank you my dear Marianna for coming by and commenting too! : )