Monday, March 19, 2018

A New Photo and Two Wonderful Movies

Our youngest daughter, Rebecca, photographer and artist decided on a whim to make me a subject this past week for her portfolio so out to the front porch we went!

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It's nice to have a new photo every now and then.  Thank you Rebecca my sweet fellow creative daughter!  Our personalities are similar so we understand each other on many a day....Yes, many a day.

She has more shots from our little shoot, so I hope to share those in the future.


Two Movies I Would Like to Share

I thought I would share these excellent movies our family has recently enjoyed.   There's nothing like a good ol' movie night with the family!  We find it relaxing and it's nice as we can interject comments as the movie plays.  ...Many, many life lessons.

Stars in my Crown  (1950)

A preview of Stars in my Crown.   This is such a sweet, sweet, sweet movie.  Jem actually had tears at the end of this movie...It's just so beautiful the sweetness of this one. 

The Green Years  (1946)

Another precious movie;  I'll let the trailer speak for itself of the theme.  The only thing I would like to give a disclaimer or warning on is that in this trailer they accentuate the one mushy scene I disliked in the movie.  It really gives the wrong message and so not the theme or mood shall we say of this movie.  The movie is a precious one.

I hope you enjoy these fine movies as much as we did! 

And I do hope you are having a wonderful, beginning of the week!   I have my own oven-simmered version of my Grandma Oddo's eggplant pasta recipe in the oven.  There is peace, joy and almost a feeling of safety in that..There is.  Perhaps security.

What constitutes success?  She has achieved success who has lived well;  laughed often and loved much;  Who has gained the respect of intelligent people and the love of little children;  who has filled her niche and accomplished her task;  who has left the world better than she found it;...who has never lacked appreciation of earth's  beauty, or failed to express it;  who has always looked for the best in others and given the best she had.

-Bessie Stanley

Trust God from the bottom of your heart;  don't try to figure out everything on your own.  Listen for God's voice in everything you do, everywhere you go;  He's the one who will keep you on track.

 -Proverbs 3:5-6

The only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.  

-Albert Schweitzer

...And that starts at home.  There is Peace in that indeed.  May we be still and know that He is God.

Live, love, laugh hard and pray hard too. 

Have a wonderful day and week, loves,    -Amelia

Do you see our sweet Gracie running down the drive?  She is so full of life!  Look at the sky...It looks like angel's wings... Taken several days ago, but today is very similar. 


Marianna said...

Lovely post! And such a sweet pic of Gracie enjoying the beautiful spring weather!

I have seen Stars in my Crown -- love that one!! -- but I have not seen the other. Maybe I can find it one day.. it looks like a good one, too!

The quote and verse are wonderful... I wrote down the Bessie Stanley one on a card to put in my kitchen. Prov. 3:5-6 is always a good reminder for me!!

Lea said it best that time to her Sunday school class -- eggplant is comfort food!! :D Coming from a background like ours, it truly is. Cooking from the heart is a joy indeed. :)

Lea said...

What a gorgeous pic of you, Mom!! You are indeed such a beautiful lady... both inside and out <3

Those quotes are so good!

I actually wondered if the author of The Green Years might not be related to Hume Cronyn since the last names are the same. But I looked the author up and realized they're not... it's a different spelling. But Jessica Tandy, in the movie also, was married to Hume Cronyn as I think you remember. Also, Lloyd Norman who is in the movie is still around at 103 years old :O Anyhow... you know me... the self appointed film historian... haha

And yes.... like Marianna said... and as you know... eggplant remains one of my very top comfort foods! As was so boldly announced in Sunday School... ahem.... LOL SOO good.

Love you!

Debbie Harris said...

What a beautiful, elegant lady you are.
Awesome photography, compliments to your daughter.
You shared some lovely quotes, thank you.
Right now I've got some tea cakes in the oven, now for me, that's my comfort food. :-)
God bless you~

Amelia said...

Marianna, I know you would love The Green Years and re-seeing Stars in my Crown was a treat, I had forgotten or either overlooked some great parts! : )

Glad you thought Gracie's photo was pretty! lol *big smile* (and a wink)

Gracie-Girl is such a sweetheart, she still has her gaunty-gate...So adorable.

And Eggplant is a comfort food I say! I know Grandma and Grandpa Oddo would agree, after all...Every Italian knows the beauty of an eggplant sandwich!

Cooking from the heart is the only way to go, it's an art from the heart. And so glad you too liked and enjoyed the quote, it's very true...

Amelia said...

Hello Lea! Thank you! You know how hard it is to finally get a decent photo right? : ) It seems the one lessed planned truly turn out the best. Rebecca is so artistic in her photography, and is so very wonderful on expressing what emotion she is seeking from out eyes and so forth.

Oh yes, eggplant is a wonderful food! Your Sunday class should learn from Cornelius right? Ha ha!

I'm amazed that the actor is 103 years old. My goodness! I was really surprised to see Jessica Tandy in this movie and had no idea that she was married to Hume Cronyn. (Jessica Tandy was lovely in older age in Driving Miss Daisy.) Wasn't Hume Cronyn the one who played in The Story of G.I. Joe as the famous heroic traveling journalist patriot, Ernie Pyle?


Amelia said...

Hello Debbie! I hope you are doing well this fine spring season and Easter week!

I'm so glad to see your sweet comment! Thank you! I will pass your compliment on to Rebecca as well. : ) So glad you enjoyed the quotes and tea cakes...Oh that sounds so nice. I could use a nice warm tea cake right now. I bet they are delicious!

I see you are a nurse to hospice patients? A mercy person? : ) I too am a mercy person. : ) I volunteer at the nursing home from time to time. I was so glad to read of your gifting. I *know* you must be such a blessing to the patients Debbie. What an angel you must be! It shows in your countenance. : )

Have a blessed Easter week!