Wednesday, March 4, 2015

It is the Scarred Ones Who Make the Body of Christ Sensitive

I saw this Ann Voskamp blog this morning and the title grabbed my heart...

When You Feel Wounded by Your Own

Here are some excerpts that grabbed my heart this morning....

Because when we ignore suffering - we ignore the Suffering Savior.

It is the scarred ones who make the Body of Christ sensitive.  
You are so brave to keep facing the light.  To keep walking toward Home.

The Scarred Savior will know you're His - by your own scars.

Can I just whisper?  I know you must feel like people, the Church, have wanted you to go away.  Sweep your scars under the proverbial rug.  Erase you, avoid you, silence you.

Once, yeah, we found a trapped and wounded bird.  
And when we simply cupped it close and listened to it's heart - it turned toward the light and flew.

May I just say, from a sensitive artist's heart?  Please don't blame Christ for what any institution has done to you or the way they have made you to feel...It grieves the Father too what has happened, trust me.

They did it to Jesus too.

I am just telling my husband that I do believe that there are so many who have turned their backs on the Father thinking some churches (little 'c') are what represented Christ

He said just now... Yep, that's exactly right.

Me:  There are a lot of folks out there who have visited churches and they are just not seeing Him there for the most part...

Jem:  He's out there on the highways and the byways, the prison, the nursing home.  When you see a Church that has Love, His presence is there.  There is one thing you can't manufacture and that's Love.

There is a world out there that needs our bloodied, warm touch...There will always be those who turn a cold ear, blind eyes to our hearts and others.  Let us not worry too much about them.  Let's turn to the Light (Jesus) and fly to Him...He loves us and those we see.
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Abbi said...

They will know that we are Christians by our Love. Love is truly the language that we need to use to reach the world.

I love the little duck photo! :-)

Amelia said...

Yes! : ) That very song came to my mind when I was writing this! Amen to your comment Abbi!

So glad you liked the little duck...isn't he so precious? : )