Monday, February 23, 2015

I've Been Thinking...

Hello everyone, just posting some thoughts this wintery Monday eve.

Lately I've been thinking, that's what I do.  That is what my personality does, it thinks and it thinks a lot. : )  I create a lot and I perceive much...I'm an artist of sorts.  I like the quiet, pretty music and really don't care for a herd mentality, I've always been this way, I never liked rowdy birthday parties even as a little girl.  How about you?

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Sometimes we visit churches.  We love homechurch, we are the Church after all if we are children of God, but sometimes we like to venture out and meet other brothers and sisters in Christ.

One of my favorite churches is the downtown Methodist church.  Oh what a glorious place!  My mom and dad were married there ....I can just imagine people weeping and praying there during WWII...It's a special place.  I know the Methodist church as an organization has a bad reputation, sure it does.  The people at the top have some bad thinking on some things (John Wesley would be grieved) but not every Methodist church goes with that.  More than one person has been ministered to by the lit stained glass windows at night, traveling on the railway next to this old church...Those same folks will go there for help and receive that help.  At night if you look below the stained glass windows you will see dozens of homeless sleeping upon the steps.  This church is known as a safe place.  Are our churches known like that?   The pastor of this huge church will take the time to speak with you after service and you feel like he cares... you just do and you know it.  Salvation is freely spoken of in that place.  We personally know a Chinese couple who attends there whose father was in prison for his faith in China when our friend was a little boy.

I wonder what the Father, what Jesus must think of all of the different stuff going on in some churches.  Lately I've been exposed to how adamant some may be about the King James Only thing.  Wow.  I know there are concerns with the different translations of the Bible and I can surely understand...but what did they do before King James? : )   ...and sometimes it concerns me because I hear the same not-so-good zeal I hear from others with pet doctrines.  Some try to make pet doctrines a salvation issue.

I go to the nursing home and visit my friends there, and let me share...  I really don't think they care what version of the Bible I may be using.  I don't think most of them care what Christian religion I am. They care about my touch, my care, my love.  My time.  They want Christ with skin on to them...

One of the last times I was there, there was a lady and she was so very upset, she was weeping because something had happened with her room.  I never could get the story.  I just knelt next to her wheelchair and I hugged her and even cried a little with her.  I put my hand around her grey long hair and her beautiful dark brown eyes looked at me.. and she said through tears...

That is all I needed, that is all I needed, someone to just sit with me.  

Isn't that the way we all feel sometimes?

The month before this the same elderly lady had told me...

Jesus has me sitting here, so I sit. 

Her sweet compliant heart had been so touching to me and I think that is what especially broke my heart was to see her compliant heart so very broken the next visit.

The Story of Lucille:

More then several years ago there was a precious saint in the nursing home named Lucille, our little girls had made her a red plastic pony bead bracelet the year before.  Poor Lucille was dying, she lay there with her red pony bead bracelet on made by my precious little girls' hands,  red blouse and white pants...she didn't even have a nightgown on, no family was there with her.

My girls, and my friend Margie gathered in her room and I ask her...

Lucille?   Do you know Jesus?   

Lucille smiled radiantly...

Oh yes.  I know Jesus.  I see Him right here in my room, His face is in your faces.

Lucille passed away that very afternoon...wearing the red plastic ponybead bracelet made by sweet little girl hands. That little plastic pony bead bracelet meant that much to precious Lucille.

Do we think Lucille or the brown eyed lady care about pet doctrines and stuff?  No.  They want what is Eternal.  

Where am I going with this?

I think we need to focus on Jesus, the main thing and live it out whether it be with our precious children or out a bit...perhaps bringing our children to the nursing home, it's a great place to share mercy.   Christ's Mercy.  Our daughters are 21 to 32 and  I assure you the nursing home taught and still teaches so many beautiful Life lessons.

Can we love each other and be kind?

And...If I am feeling this way in circles, can you imagine what the world is feeling about things?   For me?  I like to talk to Jesus and He just scoops me up in His love.

I thought this was pretty good, I've always remembered this clip by Sara Groves:

May we live the Life.  Goodnight Loves,   ~amelia

Black and White Photo by Robert Stock


Abbi said...

It was encouraging to read about your time at nursing homes. We are headed there tomorrow for our monthly visit/music time there and I am so glad God had me read this first. I pray that He may use us to encourage those that are there and that we may truly show them His love.

Amelia said...

Thank you so much Abbi. I am so blessed that you were encouraged, you being encouraged encourages me. : ) I hope you all have a fruitful visit tomorrow, I know you will be Jesus with skin on to the sweet souls there. It's such a forgotten ministry isn't it, so good to hear you go too!

Grant Watts said...

Thank you foor sharing

Amelia said...

Dear Grant, Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to encourage and comment!

Bless you! : )