Thursday, July 3, 2014

Sewin' up a Storm, and Show N Tell on a Sentimental Journey

I'm sitting here listening to Glenn Miller, so neat I think.

I love the time period of Glenn Miller don't you?

Thought I'd pop in and say hey, let you know of a fun outing and rumors of Mrs. Amelia sewing like a mad artist mom. : )

I also would like to say thank you to the sweet friends who posted comments on the last blog.  That was very nice and made me feel better on things...For some reason I'm not feeling the urge to blog, I guess because it's not as social as xanga once was and I feel like I'm blogging to ?.  I don't know, the twilight zone?  But then you never know who the Father has listening in the twilight zone. 

And blogging friends, those who posted sweet comments on the last, I think, I know you will agree.   I've been observing culture intensely lately, (I'm an observer of lots of things) I also observe sewing blogs to get ideas and learn.. I see a lot of stuff on some of those blogs.  You know..... stuff.  Sometimes what people write or say blows my mind.  So why would those folks want to follow me back?  (smiling, grimacing, giggling turning into a half (painful smile) this:  :/ 

Jem and I have been married 34 years now and time sure has flown!   Our girls are so busy, it's very difficult to get them in a pic together and I know those of you who I call friend would like to know how they are.  They are good!  But busy. 

Here's one example,  last month all four daughters were out at the Republican convention as delegates.  So.  That leaves Jem and I to make mischief.

Here's a field trip we went on while the girls were away.

I'm also going to include one of my homemade 60s shifts!  I've been getting into the 60s styles a bit of late.  Sometimes I do a sewing fusion of 40s and 60s mixed.  Go figure.

Here we go...
Me & Jem 34 yrs ago

My version of the Colette, 'Laurel'
 Me, now in my new shift I made on our 34th anniversary weekend!  Jem and I were getting ready to make some mischief going on a day field trip.  We had a blast by the way as you will see.
I used the Colette, Laurel pattern. I really  like the way the pattern fits.  I really like the way Colette explains things in her pattern booklets too!  (I nixed the zipper on this one)  Nice!  By the way..these beige flats are so versatile.  They are comfie, they are dexiflex from Payless. I add an insole for an arch but I know the padding is plenty for most.
The print I thought was so cute. I think black and yellow is so reminiscent of that Mary Tyler Moore and Rhoda era.  The time period reminds me of when I was a little girl in a good way when my Uncle Bennie got married.  My girls and I love most of those old Mary Tyler Moore shows.  I think Lea and Marianna, our oldest daughters relate well to the opening pilot where the doc decides he's not ready for marriage after making Mary wait for him to finish med school etc.  That idiot.  

Okay, now on we go...

Here is Jem as we arrived at our destination that day.  This is an old restored battleship used in D-Day. Tours are given.  Fantastic.  (Where are our girls to take our pic together?!) : )  Alas, this happens when our little girls are big girls now...

The grounds are absolutely gorgeous.  The feel of things were from another time in our country, perhaps the 40s or 50s?  A very wholesome time.

 Look at that sky...
An adorable vet visiting.  Was he on this ship during WWII?  The D-day Invasion?  If you know me hardly at all, you know I love our vets.  When our big girls were little girls they each kept a little handmade booklet out of construction paper and decorated the booklet themselves.  Whenever we would run into a vet, like this...Our little girls would ask them to sign their booklet.  Such good memories of our adventures when they were little.

 Did you know Louie Zamperini died yesterday? Oh my, he will be sorely missed.  Check the book out, "Unbroken".  Our fam listened to part of it on tape several weeks ago. Fantastic.  Louie Zamperini has quite a testimony.  I had bought the book for Jem one year for Christmas, we checked the book out on tape from our library recently and our entire fam including my 84 year old mom are spellbound by the Zamperini story!  HIghly recommend.
This restroom pavilion is very ornate, carvings, a large open area in the middle to separate ladies and gentlemen... awesome. Very, very old.  Lovely.  From another time.  I'm staying in that sweet culture.  Will you join me? : )

 Such a lovely day.

So that's a portion of an update from the mad sewing artist mom.
What happens when the scissorhands mom tires of a shirt and tries to update it.  I get a bit radical. I did save the buttons. 
A retro, vintage silk scarf I sported with Jem one night.
My little sewing machine serves me well. Just a simple, most basic little model from Walmart online delivered to my door for $50. more then several years ago.

Well, this is a newsletter of sorts...Just a slice, there's lots more, Imax D-day doc, museum visits, many more sewing projects, feeding chickens etc.

Life moves on. I'm at a little bit of a weird age of 53.  The Father is good though and He gently leads me through this journey.  I'm definitely not part of this popular culture and never have been, it's nothing new. : )

Signing off from the Forest Cathedral.  

What did you make for supper?  I made my Grandma Oddo's pasta gravy over pasta, pizza bread with artichokes, Italian veggies. It turned out rather nicely! 



Abbi said...

Your new dress is cute. Your little "field trip" looked like fun. Wish you all were in MN then I could meet your girls at the Republican Convention. We were delegates at ours the end of May.

Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

Super cute dress!

Love the little sewing machine! What a fantastic price too. I take out my sewing machine a couple of times a year. I wish I had a little corner to be able to set it all up. I am sure if I did I would do much more.

Amelia said...

Abbi, Oh yes! That would be so nice if you could meet our girls, our girls would enjoy that! : )

Amelia said...

Carmen, You just can't beat the Brothers brand sewing machines. Jem likes their printers as well!

At this time I have to keep my sewing machine on the nearby piano and then place it back on the breakfast table daily...I feel like I'm in a homemaking lab when I sew...The teacher says..."Time to put your projects up now." ; )