Monday, August 27, 2012

Quiet Times

It's me, just thought I'd share a quiet Saturday. At least it was quiet in my room...We had our sweet friend, Artimio and his helper here helping us work on our kitchen to get some things done so I hunkered down in my room mending my favorite green tweed jacket. This poor little jacket fits so well, to a 't' and it sat all by it's lonesome in my closet all last year because of some pesky snags. Yes, the poor thing needed a little surgery via needle, thread & scissors which I was glad to perform this most quiet Saturday...The music? The theme soundtrack to 'To Kill a Mockingbird' by Leonard Bernstein.

See the finished product above? Yes, and it's almost time for dinner. Hmmmm...I do believe we are going to have to use a gift card for a restauranti. See the Duncan Phyfe chaire? It's from my mother's dinette set I grew up with.

I still heard banging and sawing etc. so I decided to snap some shots around my little room

I thought I'd get a shot of hubs portrait from his school days. Cute isn't it? See the old book jacket, "To Kill a Mockingbird" I had let Becs borrow the book part and another one of my favorite books, 'Last Child in the Woods'. A great book by the way, God used this book to help us to make the decision to move here.

Minnie Pearl's collar. This makes me sad, I loved my sweet Minnie Pearl dog. I've kept it on my bookshelf for years. Yes, it made the move from the last house to here. The day she passed away, I awoke to our poodle, Esther barking trying to tell me something. On the way home from the vet's Minnie was smiling at me knowing I was taking care of her. Breaks my heart. It breaks. my. heart. My dad always cried for his dog, also named Minnie Pearl. My dad loves animals and my uncle was on his way to be a vet, a degree in animal husbandry and on to vet school. But a huge hurricane hit my grandparents family business and it's a long story...He would have made a wonderful vet. Life is funny like that. When I was a little girl, Uncle Bennie would come over and take care of my puppies, taking their temperature. He would tell me in his nice gentle Elvis Presley voice..."I hear you have a sick puppy?" The many paperbacks are Grace Livingstone Hill books, a sweet voice of Christian fiction when men were men and ladies were ladies. The message of salvation in Jesus is woven through each.

I'm a bit of a creative messy, but I'm working on it. : ) See my clutter free book? That's been in more than several homes. It's kind of ironic, a clutter free book on a cluttered bookshelf. Yep, life is funny like that.

The top of my bookcase? These figurines are from my grandma's house. The pretty lady figurine is a music box hubby bought me when we lived here in the area before. It's from the old, old jewelry store in Smalltown.

On my dresser, an old Gregory Peck shot that will be framed and hung in our guest bathroom. I'm doing a grouping of old stars and 40s movies. I also have an original framed page from an old magazine from WWII advertising Greer Garson and Walter Pidgeon in 'Madame Curie'...The ad on the back about ice cream for our soldiers is just amazing. My dressmaker tape and my eyeglass case. As flylady says, I think this is a 'hotspot' that needs to be put out and put away. In other words, frame that photo and hang it up. Anti-procrastination day this week?

Last but not least, this is a pencil drawing of myself I had done in highschool from a tiny snapshot of me on our front steps holding my little dog, "Cutie". I loved Cutie. I would dress him up like a baby and put him in my baby carriage. My dad ended up bringing him to the waterfront with him at his Gulf gas station on the bay for boats, life was wonderful then. Life is funny, and some things never change and I'm glad about those sweet things.

Well, Hubs says it's time to get going...yes Dear. I'm dressed, yep, make up is on. I'm ready as I'll ever be.

Great love in Christ, ~Amelia

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The Saxophone Player's Wife said...

Enjoyed the tour! :) I love my book shelves. I fill with as many meaningful objects as possible, too. I have some overstuffed shelves to deal with soon. Maybe, I'll follow your example and photograph them, too. It tells so much about a person.