Friday, May 4, 2012

Berry Jam, Warm Weather, Our Four Girls

What do we have here? Hmmm...It looks like Michelle with Dad, Hubs! It takes concentration to get those so called "Pop-up" pools put up doesn't it? This was taken at the end of last summer but it's about that swimmin' time again. What is going on in the house though?

Aha. We have Mar. and Becs prepared to tackle some berrry jam. We were having a cowboy party that night too with a Roy Rogers and Trigger movie to boot. Yes indeedie. We have more fun than a barel of monkeys I do believe.

Lea is in from work thinkin' what do we have here?

Tales from our office in oldtown...

In the meantime Mar. is delicately spooning the jam into the clean jars.

The bathing jars...

All four girls have made it in, Lea has donned her cowgirl shirt and we are waiting on the jars to "pop"!

All in a day at the Forest Cathedral. : )

Hope you enjoyed your visit!

Tonight we are watching a fascinating movie:

The House on 92nd Street (1945) This is a fascinating movie! It is a true story, movie/documentary on one of our German American college students who spied for the U.S. with the F.B.I.'s guidance after being approached by German Nazi spies right here in the U.S. on his college campus. From the comments I see some young men felt compelled to grow up to be an F.B.I. agent after watching this movie as a little boy! Fantastic movie. You may be able to find clips on youtube? It has some real footage that is hugely interesting along with footage of the inside working of the huge F.B.I. headquarters....I reiterate, it is fascinating! Enjoy!


Yes, it's berry picking time at the Forest Cathedral, blackberries are getting bigger and bigger! I went out and picked some fresh ones and put them on my oatmeal along with almonds yesterday, it was so good! So nice to be able to do that...real life. Thank you Jesus.

Goodnight to All! Love, ~Amelia


Mary said...

Is that an avocado green refrigerator??? If so, I want one, too!

Unknown said...

My Dad is a western fan...mostly John Wayne. So, that's a fond little part of my childhood : ) I think my favorite is Mr. McClintock