Monday, February 28, 2011

God's Handiwork From the Inside-Out

I can't believe it, the house is almost finished. Wow.

I look at the land and see the beauty of God's handiwork and I am in awe...

I look at this house, my husband doing so much of it himself and he has subbed the rest patiently...and I think wow. Look what God has done.

I look at our four girls, ages 17 to 28 and see the joy and happiness as they are enjoying the peace there when we go touch up things and move a few boxes, I hear my 28 year old daughter excitedly with anticipation telling us in the car on the way home,

"Oh it's going to be so much fun going back to the little restaurant in the little town!"

And I say wow. God you are so amazing...

When we first purchased the land, the girls were excited but at times some of them would become a little on the apprehensive side, I'll admit there were moments when Dh and I were also afraid at times, just little fears would try to come in... I would tell the Lord, "You have to help me Father", and He would, he would calm my anxious heart.

We've been in the burbs for almost ten years, we had moved here from the same country area... The girls now see the beauty of it all once again and we are actually enjoying the beautiful scenic country drive, it has become a perk! I'm thinking with God's help, good memories are kicking in and new ones being made.

I see my 17 year old with her camera, a budding, artistic photographer already in business for herself artfully gliding upon the land tip toeing through forest area with her camera, her artist brush...Oh it's great. God is great!

The other day when we were out there it was the most wonderful thing ever. Our 25 year old was driving the riding mower and pulling the little trailer wagon. Our 17 year old and she were sharing a seat with their arms around each other laughing and going on. So. Darling. Later our dd17 was in the wagon part as they scoured the land for trash pick up from construction etc. We hear laughing and laughing hard! I even hear a scream! I hear dd21 scream too as she watches and I think of the scene of "Since You Went Away" the old 40s movie where the young lady falls back into the hay wagon, so cute. Dd17 is falling over with the wagon! You would have to be there but it was so cute, just so precious...They laughed so hard their sides hurt!

The girls and I lining the newly painted kitchen cabinets and drawers....small talk chit chat, the things life is made of...

My husband quietly appreciates the excitement of the crew, so glad we are enjoying it and I can guarantee you he is equally glad to see the smiles and moments. The God given smiles and moments.

Now hubs and I? We have a blast there....

Once we were out in the near small towns and wouldn't you know it. We come across a railroad track in an old town and we see people gathered with movie cameras and such...

We pull our little car over wheeling it around the block of the old 30s buildings and run to the train track. People have their tripods set up waiting and we look down that track and we hear the whistle blow and it is an old steam engine train!!!! We were amazed. It was as if time had been frozen. I think the name of it, was something like the Rosebud Express, passengers were in the train as they waved. Oh what a day!

Yep, hubs and I, Jem and Scout...We had so much fun that day.

Hubs and I.... "Jem and Scout"

You can see the contemplation in my husband's face...he had recently lost his father.

You should see the wonderful job of the concrete stain my husband did on our floors, they are beautiful. He simply applied garden chemicals mixed with strong coffee and and the chemical reaction is amazing. He has glazed the top, sealing the work. So glad we made the slab smooth for that wonderfully artistic, warm, loft-look. It is an amazing, beautiful mahogany-maple color in mixed shades and patterns.

More pics of that to come.

Bye for now...The Last Child in the Woods ~Amelia


Unknown said...

Oh, how wonderful! I'm so excited for you! I'm glad you can share all the fun together and the little towns sound like they'll be fun to explore.

We just had a house warming party after church for a single lady. She's been living with different families for over 5 years, paying off debt and saving up her she's moving into her first home - a trailer in a nice park in town : ) We're happy for her!

Is there a story behind the "Jem and Scout" I love that picture of the two of you : )

Amelia said...

Hi Eva!

Thank you! : )

Jem and Scout? I took that from the book, "To Kill a Mockingbird", the little brother and sister duo. Dh and I are a little like that litttle duo on certain days, especially out in the country. : )

So happy for the lady at your church! That is wonderful! : ) I can only imagine the relief she must feel.

Amanda said...

I am so, so happy for your family. By the sounds of the fun your girls are having and the way they stick close by I would have to say that they certainly...

Rise and call you blessed:)

Well done Amelia. you continue to be such a beautiful inspiration for me.

That's a sweet picture of you and your husband...


Amelia said...

Thank you Amanda, you are such a sweet friend, I appreciate your encouragement and you too.<3

Jane B. Gaddy said...

Amelia, I thought I was commenting on this post. Sorry! Just scroll down one post.
Blessings, my friend!
Jane BG