Tuesday, September 19, 2023

A Re-Post, Everytime I See Your Face. Photograph. Thoughts on When we Need Help!

I've been loading pics for a new post, and it is frustrating at times, our internet is not that great and I find the pics were never posted with the slow internet.  Oh well, such is life and maybe God has other plans this time?

 I ran across this post of mine from '18...Oh my heart.   It is entitled:  


Click Here to read my re-post:  Everytime I See Your Face.   


It's a recap of life on this green earth and my dad.  I hope it will touch your heart.   The Lord had put the post upon my heart that day in '18 as hubs and I were driving down the freeway home, and oh my, God's Spirit is oh so real if we can be still and listen and see.

When I read it and listened to the accompanying music by Ringo Starr, Photograph, and looked at the old photographs...My eyes teared.  I knew this would be an immediate re-post and to load my pics for another day soon.   God's timing is different than ours yes?


Sometimes we have troubles or uncertainties in life, things look like this pic I took the other day through my side mirror on the passenger side as we see a very bad storm is looming from behind coming toward us, chasing us so to speak down the freeway from the city that early afternoon.


With me? My uncertainty at this time is my mom at 93.  It causes great concern, the ups and downs, and sometimes?   I'll just light heartedly say to my Dad who has gone to Heaven...Oh Daddy what am I going to do?  HELP!

I feel like the part of Sergeant York played by Gary Cooper as he cries out to God on the mountain that he needs help, an answer?!!!

But mainly?   I cry out to God!  HELP!

We need wisdom.  Not as the world gives but as God gives.

...It is very unusual for there to be complete quiet in the soul, for God almost continually whispers to us.  And whenever the sounds of the world subside in our soul, we hear the whispering of God.  Yes, he continue to whisper to us, but we often do not hear Him because of the noise and distractions caused by the hurried pace of our life. 

~Frederick William Faber

From my devotional, Streams in the Desert.

I thought this song by Twila Paris was so fitting. 




 This contains an image of:  When we see this, our grandchildren, our children, our neighbors, we know all in all,   all is well with our soul.  Nothing like innocent children doing their little dances in life, so beautiful as they play with such wreckless abandon in such a joyful and sweet, uninhibited way.  

How 'bout we do the same?   I've been doing dances in the kitchen, cooking, doing dances putting up clean clothes.  Life is a dance isn't it?   That's not to say sometimes I'm like Tevia in Fiddler on the Roof talking with the Lord when things are not going great.  Trust me! 


I hope you enjoy my re-post:

Photograph.   Everytime I see your face...


This contains an image of:

A real silver lining last week one evening...



And in closing, a couple of makes I have managed to load:

This contains an image of:

This contains an image of:

Doggies, doggies, who loves da doggies?  I do!  Skirts are modifications of Simplicity 4881 (out of print).  Both fabrics are cotton prints from Hobby Lobby.

Cute with bright colored or black/white tops.  

This contains an image of: 

This contains an image of: 

And here ya go...What's not to love about Peanuts?

This brings visions of the Peanuts gang dancing in that iconic memory of happiness! 

This contains an image of: 

This isn't a "make" but it is a "wear".  I take this back-pack purse everywhere, it's rare I'm not carrying this bag, I receive many compliments on it.  It's big and it's whimsical and I can use it as a purse or backpack and it works.  I love the kitties on it.  I purchased this from the Animal Rescue site.  My trusty little bottle of rubbing alcohol on the strap.  It works and is functional like that.  


Take care all...Prayers for all, many have suffered loss this year.

God please be with each of us in special ways as we listen for You and rest our head on Your shoulder.  



Signing off for now from My Forest Cathedral...It's me, Amelia, that little gal with a Santa Claus on her head.   

Bearing the burden of crushing weight actually gives Christians wings. 
-Streams in the Desert daily devotional.  





EM Griffith said...

What lovely memories, Amelia. And I LOVE your new skirts; the fabric is so fun! Yes, there are so many trials in life. Times when we NEED Divine wisdom. Guidance. Times when we're trying to outrun the storms. And times when the storm overtakes us. Your words and pictures show, though, that there are always precious moments and God's comfort woven into our lives. Every day. Thank you for the reminder. --Elise

Cheryl Kimbley said...

What a beautiful post - both this one and the older one. Very touching. You have a wonderful way with words.
The pictures are just the best. Your daddy was sure a handsome man. Was the one at the end of the older post you and dad or your mom and dad? It is just beautiful!
Thank you for sharing these touching moments in your life and your inner most thoughts. God bless.

Amelia said...

Elise, yes, sometimes those storms do seem to overtake us and we cry out to God, Sometimes it's like...God, I can't take one more thing in this situation! HELP ME. ...He quietly comes in in some way or another, comforting us through the storm, allowing us to lay our head on His shoulder, sometimes He brings deliverance. I guess we're just seeing the back of that beautiful tapestry with all the roughness, the loose threads and such.

I'm so glad you like my skirts! They bring me joy and I hope others too, I do receive compliments and it's a good start of conversation many times.

Thank you Elise, your comment is a blessing to me.

Amelia said...

Cheryl, thank you so much for your encouraging words and comment. And yes! : ) That is my mom and dad probably in the early 50s probably a year or so after they were married. My daddy was so very handsome, and a very sensitive soul at times too, and oh did he have a sense of humor! lol He loved giving gifts to people, a very thoughtful man. If there was a poor family, he would be the first to buy them say..fireworks for the fourth, and tons of them too! He loved animals like I do!

God bless you Cheryl, your comment blessed my heart.

Cathy said...

I was thinking Amelia as I read both of your posts that we should be very thankful that The LORD has given us memories. And His Word is full of the word remember. Even HIs name was a memorial name in
Exodus 3:14-15. Blessings to you!

Amelia said...

Hi Cathy, Thank you so much for stopping by, it means the world.

Beautiful Truth! Thank you for that reminder. : ) Very neat indeed, something to ponder.

Blessings to you too Cathy, so very good to hear from you, I appreciate you stopping by so much. ~Amelia

Amelia said...

Becca, Thank you so much dear one. Your comment means so, so much, I truly tried so hard to give her that loving home, thank you for your precious, precious encouragement. She truly was a beautiful baby, it was heart wrenching. She was so loved by all of us, her innocence even though being so mistreated by someone who had dumped her, it was so touching and precious to our hearts. I think now of her walking around in her little way in our home, in her tried and true little paths. ...Her little white fluffy tail. A little angel. <3

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