Monday, August 15, 2022

'ThE hunTER FrOM HELL' Sermon by David Wilkerson. This May Answer Some Questions...EXCELLENT. Not What You May Think. Updates from the Forest.

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Don't let the title dissuade you.   This is excellent and may answer many questions.   We love the late David Wilkerson and I love his sister Ruth.   I spoke with Ruth on the phone once when my stepfather suddenly passed away over thirty years ago and we had moved to a new area...the rural area where we are now.   She helped me greatly and I still remember her counsel.   

Look up David Wilkerson and you will see his history, our old pastor from over thirty years ago said that when he needed counsel that David Wilkerson would be the most merciful out of all the pastors he contacted.

I will be going on adventures with the Lord, the Father as usual, walking and talking to Him, it's very personal between the Lord and I.  

That reminds me...Do you know what?  Sometimes I notice things.  I think one of the saddest things are people who know about the Lord and go to church but don't know Him.  It shows, it shows.   



Do We Feel Like Tevia?

Never fret dear ones...I'm talking to myself here...Lately I've had to look up to the Lord kind of like Tevia from Fiddler on the Roof when he talked to God... It's kinda like.... 

Lord, I prayed for mercy and grace ... Has there been a misunderstanding?   (smile)

It's in those times that I count my blessings and think upon the beautiful answered prayers the Father has answered.  Yes, that is what I do...


I looked at my coffee cup this morning and smiled...

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I have little reminders near my coffee area...I love my little animals too here.  It's fun arranging them like a little girl would do...Why not?   I think it's great to keep that child-like sparkle and whimsy. 


He's the vine, He knows what is best.

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A little doggy lamp that greets me in the darkness, usually around 5am...Sometimes earlier.  That's my quiet time with the Lord.  


Liesl's Smile

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One of our precious fur angels, Liesl.  When I look at her loving face I am so blessed and comforted whatever the day holds.  That is our daughter's little dachsund behind her, all of our fur angels make quite a precious team.  


Speaking of Our Fur Angels

We almost lost our elderly little Muffie a couple of weeks ago due to a heat stroke because of a common mistake...It's very scary what happened.  He's blind so we normally set the timer for 2 or 3 minutes of him being in the outdoor heat, even in his little fenced area but my daughter forgot to set the timer putting him in the open area, not even the fenced.  Enough said.  It was horrible and the little guy was on an i.v. overnight under observation at the vets.  The youngish vet was doubtful he would make it after watching him the next morning.  I talk about the Lord to the vet on the phone and all the things the Lord has done for our pets, the young vet probably thinks he has met quite a zealot.  Long story short, Muffie came back home with us safe and sound and he improved daily thank the Lord!  Our daughter was so kind, she had the integrity to pay the vet bill, not many young adults would do that.

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Little Muffie home and resting.




I'll close with this favorite of mine by Fernando Ortega.  Perhaps you too are feeling like Tevia?   I hope this song will minister to your heart as it does mine.



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A double rainbow hubs and I saw last week...God's Faithfulness.  


Grace and Peace to you til next time...    Will you too lift our country up in prayer?  

Please don't forget about the sermon, it really is worth listening to.  : ) 


 First photo of little girl by Robert Stock.



Sandi said...

Pastor Wilkerson hit the spot.

Parts of it were horrifying. I am always praying for my boys. It hurt to hear some of these stories of the people Pastor Wilkerson encountered. Oh, Dear God, help us.

The whole world seems to be shaking. Either this is the Great Awakening or The End. Personally, I think it is an awakening. If not, though, see you soon.

Amelia said...

Yes, he does Sandi. Pastor Wilkerson is sorely missed.

I know what you mean, we have daughters and the more sensitive of a person they are the easier they are hurt and disillusioned. I myself am a highly sensitive person known as an HSP and it's tough when you are intuitive and feeling, the enemy can use it both ways. But I love the Lord and He doesn't change. But you are so correct, we must pray for our children and grandchildren, young or adult. There's some heavy stuff going on as you know.

I pray it's an could be, we just don't know right? The Bible says in the end times our children will dream dreams and prophesy so that must describe an awakening.

As you too are doing we must cling to our Lord and just stay in His embrace listening every so closely to that Still Small Voice.

Amelia said...

Above should read on being an HSP, the enemy can try to use it as well as it being a Gift from God.

Anonymous said...

I finally finished the sermon — it took me several settings to finish it as I get interrupted a lot! But it was so good and it was so special to hear how he was reminding us how precious we are to the Lord. I really enjoyed and needed to hear that.

So glad Muffie is doing better! Poor little guy. He has a very strong will to live it seems and I’m sure that helped him pull through.

Amazing rainbow pic!

Amelia said...

Dear Anonymous, I had to chuckle...You were interrupted a lot? *big smile* I wonder why?.....Wasn't that a wonderful and unusual sermon? It really answers so many questions doesn't it?

Muffie is a little toughie for sure, lots of prayers went up for that little guy. Once he knew he was home and had received those iv fluids at the vet's he progressed beautifully, he knows he is loved for sure.

That double rainbow spoke volumes.... : )