Friday, March 29, 2019

"The Wrong Man" (1956) ...Cutting the Cable! Spring and the World Goes Round Right?...A Few Snapshots

The Wrong Man  (1956) 

We've watched this movie twice now and I am fascinated by it.  A nightmarish case of mistaken identity done to a good family man, a true story.

The story is of Christopher "Manny" Balestrero an Italian American who plays bass at the famous Stork Club for a living.  He and his wife, Rose have two little boys.

It's a bit frightening that this happened, and it's also frightening that the general population is so eager to label someone wrongly without doing their homework to the full extent.   My dad always said, don't believe anything of what you hear and only half of what you see.

One of the best things about this unusual  Hitchcock movie is the power of prayer portrayed.  One major event and turn in the movie is when Manny is praying as he views an old world style picture of Jesus in his Italian mother's home as she encourages him to pray for strength. 

We need to remember that this can happen and allow me to say my daughter and son in love have a friend who is in a situation very similar to this story and worse.

Henry Fonda plays the part of Manny and it's a pretty good resemblance to the real Manny Balestrero. 

The part of his mother is the sweetest by the way and so seems his wife, Rose. As you will see, Rose does not fare well with all of this and understandably, it's very sad.

There is a street named for Manny Balestrero in New York.  

The Wrong Man is playing on the 'Movies!' channel on regular television and will be playing future showings through April, please check the 'Movies!' site for scheduling.  Thursdays and Sundays they play the older Noir style movies that we love, but the Noir movies are also sprinkled through the week. 

The trailer for The Wrong Man.  (1956)   

The complete movie is on youtube and perhaps at your local library as well!

'To Tell the Truth' program in 1957.  The real Manny Balestrero.

If you look Manny Balestrero up, there are many interesting articles on this family man who was wrongly accused.


Joyfully Cutting the Cable! 

loading ... Photo by Robert Stock

We have joyfully cut the cable and are thoroughly enjoying regular antenna television with our new Channel Master, we can dvr all of our favorite retro movies and programs along with Jem's old cowboy movies and programs and fast forward through commercials.   We receive now almost 60 digital stations and many are very wholesome programs, it's like going back in time in a very good way.  There is actually a better selection of wholesome programs on regular antenna television these days then what we were finding on cable.  We decided to study up on what regular antenna television offered when our bill suddenly went up to over a hundred dollars a month!

With the Channel Master we can dvr movies and shows such as Donna Reed and many others!  I love seeing Donna Reed with her menu planning and sewing machine along with her wonderful doctor husband who makes house calls and works out of their home!  Oh what a wonderful time in the country!

The people at Channel Master have been very helpful on questions on taping programs etc.  Very prompt and polite in answering our questions.  We highly recommend! If your family likes to relax in the evening perhaps catching Ed Sullivan or an old black and white movie this is really great.  We love watching a program, just us two or with our youngest, it makes a lot of great conversation as we watch together.  The Channel Master also provides the on screen channel programming schedule that I was afraid I would miss without cable. 

And may I say that my kitchen radio with conservative commentators fills me in just fine on the politics and straight up news of our day concerning a Christian as myself.


Spring has Sprung at the Forest Cathedral!

One Afternoon... 

Here at the Forest Cathedral one morning...  Hear the birds?

I hope you all are having a nice spring time.  I've been busying myself with reading good books, sewing some Little Dresses for Africa, sewing a few skirts for myself... making some cloth homemade napkins in a 50s dark green cotton, not perfect but cute, quaint and retro.

The World Goes Round...

loading ...  Photo by Robert Stock

 ...And the world goes round right?   In the evening as I hit the setting button on my hair dryer I feel like deja vu, it's like night to night here we are again!   I place my navy tennis shoes on top of my shoe rack ready for the next day...and deja vu, it's that time for my evening routine again.

Strange at times, it seems like yesterday my girls were little playing outside...So very strange.  I can even relate to my grandparents remembering their quiet routines in life, I even think of my dad telling me of his suppers he would make for himself and I recall his good attitude.

When I'm in smalltown at the store I see older vets, some are even from WWII and they have wonderful attitudes I see the older ladies with silver hair and their good attitudes as well, ..and I think that is GREAT. It does my heart good!

I spend quite a bit of time with God, in the car, in the forest, wondering how long lost friends are doing, even blogging friends who I no longer hear from and some I still do, one precious couple is like family to us.


Photos to Share

I stumbled across this photo of me with my precious little dog Esther, who we lost several years ago, she was also one of my sweet coffee-babies, such a precious little gal, a roly poly lambikin!

Here is a cute pic of Muffie, our littlest fur angel at present, he was found on the street by Marianna our daughter probably over ten years ago in our old subdivision. Our youngest, Rebecca was still skipping rope then...Oh my gosh, life is so crazy the way it goes on...So fast!  It's that old earth going round and round!

Gracie with Coffee very soon after we lost Charlie. I thought this really portrayed the emotion felt that week, animals are sentient beings.  In Proverbs it tells us to take good care of animals, and I love doing so, let us consider this in all things.

See this beautiful white lab mix?  This is our grand-doggy!  Michelle and Josh have a small home and we babysat their dog, Liesl while Baby Asher made his arrival and the next few weeks...  As I observed this precious doggy running with Gracie through the forest and taking swims Jem and I both knew she must stay with her grandhoomans.  So now Gracie  has a new running buddy here at the Forest!  Liesl is a sweetie and a vibrant, energetic ball of energy full of love!

I snapped this as I was walking out to the car..."We'll be back Liesl!"

Liesl and Gracie taking a vivacious swim together!

Alert and elegant Gracie...

Silly Carefree Happy Gracie...

The Finale!  Our Little Pumpkin! 

And of course our first grandbaby, Asher Samuel.  Doesn't he look like a little doll we would see at the store?  Bath time for Baby!

I love his little lips...So cute.

Content and Happy Little Baby.

I just took the last two the other day, his mommy, our daughter, Michelle invited me to go to the store with her, so I quickly snapped these catching his sweet smile.  This baby is a miracle baby, Michelle had been so ill she wasn't sure how long it would be before she would be able to have a baby and here is our little miracle!

Here are some reminders for us in closing...

Trust God from the bottom of your heart; don't try to figure out everything on your own.  Listen for God's voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; he's the one who will keep you on track.
Proverbs 3:5-6


 If you believe in a God who controls the big things, you have to believe in a God who controls the little things.  It is we, of course, to whom things look "little" or "big."
~Elisabeth Elliot

Teach me, Father, to value each day, to live, to love, to laugh, to play.
 ~Kathi Mills

Joy cannot be pursued.  It comes from within.  It is a state of being.  It does not depend on circumstances, but triumphs over circumstances.  It produces a gentleness of spirit and a magnetic. personality.
~Billy Graham

Teach us to count the days...Teach us to make the days count...Every day is a journal page, what will we compose?  Thinking of these words from the Chris Rice song.

Love,   ~Amelia at My Forest Cathedral


Barbara said...

"The Wrong Man" -- what a frightening thing to happen. However in recent years, more prisoners are being vindicated with the use of DNA evidence. What a Godsend.

Asher Samuel - such a beautiful name for a boy born in to a loving Christian home. He is a cutie and such a handsome fellow.

All your doggie pictures warm my heart. They are such gifts from our Creator.

Blessings to you, dear Amelia.

Amelia said...

Thank you so much Barbara, I appreciate your sweet thoughts, encouragements and insight!

I appreciate you!

Michelle said...

I look,forward to watching "The Wrong Man". Sounds like a very poignant movie! I was going to say it reminds me so much what happened to my dear friends currently walking that road right now and then I saw you mentioned them. Good reminder to pray fervently for them...I can't imagine. :'(

Love all the spring time photos and the doggies! So glad Liesl is enjoying being there and has lots of room to run and play now! She and Gracie are so cute together. sweet Asher! What cute shots you got of him! I am still in awe of the little miracle he is and still can't believe he's mine at times! God is so good.

Also love those quotes you shared! So good.

Deanna said...

Hello from Kansas.
You've stirred up my interest. I don't recall ever seeing this movie, but I'm interested in seeing it.
Will look it up.
All the best to you,

Amelia said...

Oh yes, Michelle, you will enjoy 'The Wrong Man' I think. So much of it is very familiar in what you have seen in your friends life. We will continue to pray over that situation faithfully.

Little Asher, what a precious little Blessing from God! He brings a smile and a melting of hearts! <3

Liesl is thoroughly enjoying things I do believe, she tears out with Gracie and it is adorable. Her bark has developed beautifully!

I too am ministered to by those quotes...Very fitting I think.

Amelia said...

Thank you Deanna! A visit from Kansas! How great! Thanks so much for coming by, pour yourself some coffee and sit a while! : )

I'm so glad that you are interested in the movie! I hope you enjoy it, I know we did, it's very interesting the way it was done and spiritually uplifting as well.

Please come by again! Blessings!

Lea said...

Thanks for the movie rec, Mom! I will have to watch that one on YouTube.... I already found it there. How cool to discover another Alfred Hitchcock that we hadn't seen yet!

The afternoon pic and morning video are so beautfiul! And such a sweet pic of you and little Esther. It's bittersweet since our little lambikin is no longer with us. But very pretty of you and so precious of little Esther. And the other pics of the doggies are so cute. All the fur babies :)

THat's great y'all are enjoying the regular channels on tv... sounds like y'all have found some good stuff on there and plus so much less expensive!

And our little man! He is such a cutie... I'm so happy that y'all are grandparents now. I've waited to see y'all experience gparenthood for a long time and I'm glad you're both finally in this new season! What fun will be had!

Love you, Mom!

Amelia said...

Hi Lea! Oh you must see that movie! Excellent. And the part of his mother is the same actress who played in 'Marty'.

Yes, poor little Esther, I miss her sometimes...little lambkin. <3 Thank you for the sweet words about the picture. : )

The antenna tv is great. The 'Movies!' channel is very much like Turner Classics, and with that channel master, bye-bye commercials, many other good old fashioned programs too on other great stations, it's not the same three stations I grew up with! lol It's actually like going way back in time when things were better in the country. Dad even has a cowboy channel! Whew. Who needs that ridiculous cable bill? And for what?

Little man is so cute, he's a little mister for sure, he is very expressive! Dad has really taken form as a grandpa too!

Love you! ~Mom

Marianna said...

I think we saw the beginning of that movie the other night but weren't able to finish it. We enjoy many of the normal channels, too! Especially if you have a recorder that could skip the commercials, it would be especially great! I'll have to go back and watch the clip about the "real" wrong man.... how sad, but interesting.

Beautiful spring scenes! I love hearing the birds sing... it is one of my favorite things to hear in the spring! Well, anytime really!

So glad you're doing the Little Dresses for Africa -- that is so great.

Life does indeed spin on at a rapid pace... someone said recently about child rearing years (or any for that matter, I think), "the days are long, but the years are short." So true. Sometimes lately it seems that even the days are short! It is all about ATTITUDE, however, and having a good one is such a healthy and attractive thing!

Sweet Esther and Charlie -- miss them both! But I love the sweet new additions to the family -- Gracie and "Little" (ha) are such sweet buddies.

I love our little Asher -- he is such a cute and hilarious little being! What a gift he is to our family.

Amelia said...

Well Hello Marianna! : )

So great that you were able to come by! Thank you so much, and that's a very true quote...I think it could be for many seasons, but the child rearing years now at my age, did seem to be so close but far away, like the Carol King song...'So far away....' Oh dear, I love that song but it makes me sad too.

Asher is a cutie, and soon you will be holding your little cutie too!

Hey...The big question?... What's for supper!? I'm doing New Orleans Red Beans and buttered Jasmine brown rice coupled with a gigantic salad! Doesn't that sound beautimous?

<3 Mom

Anyone else want to join in? *big smile* ~Amelia on Monday

Sandi said...

I cut the cable cord too. Most of it is lies and propaganda. Truly, like in the old days of "the Soviets," except now it's here instead.

Amelia said...

Oh how true...I so hear ya. Yep, it's here. ..And frightening how people fall for it.