Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Upcoming Election. Notes from a Reputable and Respected Pastor.

An excerpt from what our daughters' pastor shared today:

"Most candidates have revealed their opinions about this subject and have openly communicated their positions.  Frankly, it is insincere for candidates to claim to be 'against abortion' yet do everything within their power to ensure the continuance of it.  Their claims are only meaningless political speak.

This year, I have noticed that some candidates have finally said what they have meant all along - they will fight to retain the ability of a mother to take the life of her pre-born child up to the actual day of the birth of that child.  Can you imagine that?  That act is called 'partial birth abortion' and is nothing short of the same crimes perpetrated against human beings in the darkest days of human history.  These candidates have said that a pre-born child, even those who could easily live outside the womb, are not 'persons' and therefore have no rights.  Upon what scientific information do they make this judgement?  None at all!  In fact, everything known by science argues against that position.  These candidates' anti-pre-born position is morally corrupt.

These were the very conclusions of Nazi policy toward Jews during World War II and slave owners toward African Americans in the early decades of our country.  Abortion is as unjust and despicable as were those two periods in history.  participants in all three periods - slavery, Nazi death camps and abortion all used the exact arguments to justify their positions.

All the studies have shown that the reason for abortion for the vast majority of those who have it, is the inconvenience of having a child, not health concerns.  For some women involved, though, there are great needs and stresses.  There are better solutions our society could advance than taking the life of an innocent child.

For the past 14 years, I have said exactly the same thing to you and I will continue to do so.  I will NEVER vote for ANY candidate who would seek to ensure and propagate the continuance in America of the killing of pre-born children at whatever state of gestation those children might be.

Why?  Those precious babies are both human and persons.  It is just as morally wrong to take the life of a child before birth as it is after.  For me, one day I will give an account for my life's decisions before a holy, righteous God.  I refuse to have the blood of the unborn on my hands because I turned a blind eye or because I helped to put into office ANY person who would assist in the continuance of abortion in America.

In my opinion, the life and death of human beings supersedes other issues.

...Make sure you truly know the positions of the candidates about abortion before you vote."

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"Pray for God's leadership in this election concerning every office.  While God is sovereign, we are accountable.  Become aware of the actual positions different candidates have about the issues.  Vote.  If you have the privilege of voting, be a good citizen of the this great country and vote."

We will vote for the prolife platform and we encourage everyone to do the same. 

Blessings to all this Sunday eve.


Lea said...

So glad you shared this, Mom! :) <3

Amelia said...

My pleasure! I also liked what he said on the Supreme Court as well...Oh that the importance will soak in with Americans.