Tuesday, December 8, 2015

'Room for One More' (1952) ...A Most Poignant and PRECIOUS Movie with an Element of Christmas! My Homemade Dusting Powder Gift Idea You Can Easily Make!

Room For One More (1952) with Betsy Drake and Cary Grant.  Beautiful movie, poignant and touching with humor galore!  Adorable movie that brings us back to a time, perhaps a time before we were even born, but a time our hearts and souls long for once again.  We don't have to join in with culture do we.  Let's be brave and have courage to be different, to be sweet, to be able to laugh and not be stilted.

See the dog at the table with Betsy Drake looking on smiling? 

...A well made movie with a plot showing a whole family, where values were instilled in children and parents were in the home. Yes, please show it again, soon!  -Reviewer from TCM

Our family so enjoyed this most precious, precious movie.  Our entire family thoroughly enjoyed it, not once but several times including my husband!  The movie is a wonderful wholesome movie about a sweet family with a beautiful heart for foster children not to mention pets!  I so saw myself, in ways, of the part of the mother, played by Betsy Drake caring for not only little children but fur angels as well.. And what makes the movie enchanting is the fact that Cary Grant and Betsy Drake were married in real life.

I highly suggest this most wonderful movie for your family too!  We had never heard of this movie and are delighted with it.  It brings us back to a better time indeed.  The part of one of the foster children, a little boy with braces on his legs, the part was beautifully done, his painful emotions in one particular part as he wept and cried out in private pain had my husband and I closing our eyes in such our pain for the character of this little boy. 

One element of Christmas was so darling and exhibited such a simplicity that the world is waiting for and so hungry far I do believe.  You will see a simple Christmas around the tree.  Betsy Drake had cut her formal dress down for their little foster girl so the little girl could have a formal for a special event...and you will see what happens if you choose to see the movie.  (a clue is the generosity of her siblings when they see a slight problem with the dress).

A most lovely movie.

I hope you too will enjoy?

Well, Loves, just wanted to drop a tip for a new classic movie we have discovered.  

loading ...

We are trying to keep Christmas sensible but most delightful and sweet focusing even more on others, poor in spirit and otherwise. How about you?  The car and jewelry store commercials make me want to upchuck I must say.  

Our Sweet Jesus was born on hay but the worship of culture pushes materialism.  No thanks pals. Ye ain't foolin' me chumps!   *big smile*

It's like the Emporor's new clothes isn't it?  I drive our paid-off reliable truck to smalltown and laugh the whole way!  Jingle Bells!  Jingle Bells!  Out of debt, Out of debt!  *huge smile*  There are those who strive for the "look" of accomplishment making their very lives a mess when they could be rich in spirit if they were wise and whole, not so sadly insecure.  It boggles the mind does it not?

The Father's yoke is easy and His burden is light.  Light.  Let's us take His simplicity and rest right?  Nothing wrong with a sweet well thought out gift(s) of course but things are soooo out of whack as I'm sure you would agree.

Mar and I have had a wonderful time at Dollar General loading up on very pretty old fashioned baby dolls and stuffed animals to deliver to a church for their outreach to underprivileged children and parents.   If you have not been to a Dollar General dime store I highly recommend!  They are the only modern stores I know of except for Family Dollar that is close to the old fashioned five and dimes.  Yes, you will still find the old fashioned baby dolls there for reasonable prices.  Mar found some baby dolls that sing 'Jesus Loves Me'.  How sweet is that for a little girl?

One particular gift I have made for our grown girls at home, something fun and well received is a dusting powder.  I use cornstarch, a couple of drops of lavender and patchoulli oils mixed.  I mixed them in an old fashioned plastic bag and then placed that carefully, closed with a wire twistie inside of a Dollar Tree mini metal lunch-kit type of container. The bag with the oils needs to sit, sealed for at least several days to obtain a good scent.  It's really cute little gift!  I ordered a three-pack of real powder puffs from Walter Drake, (the pretty kind with a satin ribbon) and placed it on top of each bag of fragranced frivolity before buckling down the metal lid of the 'case'.  Soooo cute!  

loading ...  Our tree is decorated much like this with old fashioned icicles.  It's a definite 40s tree!  It never grows out of style! 

We all need a portal through which we can find a quieter life, at least occasionally.  For too many of us, Christmas is a nightmarish revolving door in which we're spinning faster and faster.  But the wiser among us find it a sort of time-warp portal, rotating us from the hustle and bustle of twenty-first-century life to the sedate world of a quieter time.

So this year, slow down, look up, breathe deeply, spend less -- and simplify, simpllify!  The way of a calmed Christmas--simplicity.  

-David Jeremiah from the little book, The 12 Ways of Christmas

Hopefully I'll have more me-made gifts to share next time.

Have a sweet afternoon Loves,  Blessings to All,  Let's enter into the stable shall we?   Signing off from the Forest Cathedral.  -Amelia


Abbi said...

Thanks for sharing about this movie. I enjoy your recommendations for the old ones. We do enjoy watching a movie or so at Christmas time and this one will get added to the list - so much better than the modern ones.

I thoroughly dislike most ads at Christmas time too so I rarely have a radio or TV on and we no longer get the paper with the ads so I feel quite happy not being exposed to them.

We did have a wonderful walk in the woods as a family on Sunday afternoon and came back with bundles of pine boughs to use for decorating. Some of the family put up some lights outside and some of us worked at decorating inside. We have all been enjoying the result. The stockings are now up and so we begin to think about gifts but we will be keeping it simple.

We have enjoyed making gifts to share with those that don't have as much as we do. Hopefully we can continue to see any needs around us and share from our abundance.

Amelia said...

Thank you for sharing Abbi, I just love your ideas for homemade gifts on your blog.

When our girls were little, I would avoid putting tv on except to use it as a monitor to avoid the commercials, in that way they weren't exposed to the plastic type trendy toys. Actually, even now we avoid normal tv as well, still using the tv as a monitor! : ) The commercials will pop up on the news programs, parades etc. many times, but thank the Good Lord we all are able to roll our eyes now and it becomes a good topic for conversation.

Isn't it fun sharing what we have with others, at this stage in Jem and our lives we are able to go whahoo a bit with toys for others, and it's such a huge, huge blessing to see our daughters as adults also go to the stores on their own buying toys and such for others to be Jesus with skin on so to speak. Such Joy as I'm sure you agree! : ) And..... So fun!

Those walks in the woods are great. Love them.