Saturday, August 29, 2015

Sisters, Brothers, are we Quenching the Spirit in our Homes?

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The following message by this sweet sister in Christ has some very common sense points in it.  She also shares a most poignant story of Charlie, the little boy in the mountains of Virginia, the story touches my heart greatly.  You see, we all have "Charlies" perhaps that we failed to minister to when we were supposed to, maybe years ago.  If our hearts are tender...We wonder what we could have done differently and have used these failed situations to learn from and do better in the future for the next time.

I hope you enjoyed the lessons!  I did.  Great reminders!

My Charlie Lessons  (...just a couple for starters)

When I was a newly married young lady 35 years ago, I was at the grocery store and an elderly lady in the frozen vegetable department was on my heart...She had came up to me to tell me that a certain mixed veggie-mix "tasted real good".  She was soooooo precious, just so very, very precious.  She was with her adult son and my heart was so strong to go to her and speak to her and tell her that Jesus loved her...She needed to hear it so badly, just a little care is what she needed!  I saw her later as I stood in the check line and my heart beat rapidly.  Did I speak to her in the next line?  No.  My heart is still grieved over that disobedience.  Just think of the Hope and perhaps answer to a lonely heart I could have been an instrument of?! Oh God forgive us!  Forgive me!

Ten years ago or so I was at our local grocery behind a poor young black woman... She did not have money for her baby formula.  She was trying to use food stamps to pay for it.  As she walked off the checker looked at me and shared that she did not understand why the government did not pay for these mother's baby's milk.  Did I offer to pay for the baby formula?  No.  My heart still aches over that one and in the future that will not happen again!  Oh God forgive us!  Forgive me!

In my home...  I have consciously made an effort to watch my mouth.  When I speak in the car or at the dinner table I ask myself... Is this going to make the atmosphere in our home more beautiful?   If it's not a necessary thing to bring up I do not.  Does that mean we walk around like a bunch of goodie-two-shoes never correcting or bringing up any controversy at all?   No, but some things are better left alone.   We must pray for discernment.  God help us.

I do have lessons where I have obeyed that Still Small Voice of the Holy Spirit and oh what a Blessing!  ...Once my husband and I were at a coffee shop when we were newly married and I saw a depressed-hopeless-looking young man sitting at the table by himself and God impressed on me to tell him Jesus loved him...   As we left I walked by his table and told him...  I feel like I need to tell you that Jesus loves you.  The young man smiled hugely at me as if his prayer was miraculously answered.  It is so worth it to take that chance...

Sometimes I am on the receiving end.  The other day at the little town store the checker asked how we were; it was slow with no other customers, our conversation went deeper and I was sharing with the precious checker on the various spirit of various towns and she was so-getting me on the shocking prejudice of what others perceive to be outsiders in one particular town.  She fingered her cross necklace and shared how the manager of the store from uso-town also has the same-thing happen to him.  She was so precious, her caring words were...If there is anything we can do to let us know.  Her care was so precious.  She attends a liturgical church many would scoff at but her heart was the real deal.

As I left the store that day a black lady who also checks, who I always tell that she looks like Diana Ross walks up, I say... Hey!  There's my mo-town girl!  I hug her quickly.  Yep, Church can be everywhere.  Let me be that smile and giggle.  Let me share encouragements and be willing to be encouraged too.  As Mo-town girl said when we got on the church-subject...  It's right here right now.  

Now before you read the next paragraph, please know I am not anti-Gifts, I have attended many spirit-filled churches, I am not against conservatives either if it's from a personal relationship with Christ, I like to align myself with a true Heart of Christ which may appear ultra conservative to some.  I will say though lately I've heard some things from both camps that seem to be a bit on the crusty side to put it lightly and the only thing I can think of is that these folks from town or city must be big fish in their small ponds so to speak that have become very comfortable in their set.

It was rather interesting that very day...Just an hour before I had talked with a charismatic lady, she said the right thing but seemed overly confident...  neither my daughter Delle nor myself felt comfortable with her attitude, we felt an arrogance.  It grieved me personally, I left her presence with a heavy heart.   Also, earlier at Walmart a religious woman behind us, no makeup, a bun on the back-top of her noggin.  The male checker had joked with her good-heartedly about her "ponytail".  She dryly replies, "It's a bun".   I looked back at her and smiled hugely, a toothie grin. ... I couldnt' resist... * big smile*   

I bet you have a ponytail under that bun!

I'm still finding myself laughing to myself over the off-the-wall comment I found myself making.

Well, that is life in smalltown.  The Forest is a beautiful place of solace with my Father, my Creator.

I'm just typing my thoughts here, very little editing, please oblige.

Have a good day Loves, let's think of our Charlies, let's think of and pray for ways to keep that Fire Lit!

Please Father help us to have Your Heart.  Help us to be broken-hearted over the things that break Your Heart.



Amanda said...

how timely Amelia!

this morning I was reading in 2 Timothy on just these things. And in the last letter of his life, Paul wrote to Timothy and urged him to "stir up the gift" I looked up the greek word for stir up and it means: "rekindle". Isn't that lovely?!
so a spiritual gift can die down like a fire if it is quenched.

Enjoyed this post so much and think of you often.

How is wedding planning going?

Amelia said...

Oh how lovely to see your sweet and encouraging comment Amanda!

I love that.... Re-kindle. Yes! : )

So thinking of you and this precious comment Amanda, it is truly a blessing. Actually you are on my mind often as well, and when I heard this testimony of Charlie I also thought of the area you may be from. It also made me think of the old television series made from the novel, "Christy". Perhaps you are a Christy too? : ) I know you are a Gift Amanda to all those around you.

I'm so happy you enjoyed the post, it was repeatedly on my heart to post it and so I did, so you writing and telling me what you did helped confirm things to me. Thank you.

The wedding planning is definitely going, it reminds me of a speeding roller coaster! It seems as simple as we try to keep things, it is always something for Michelle to decide and do. It is a special time, but so many decisions! *big smile* Please keep us in your prayers. The shower was a couple of weeks ago and what a blessing that was... It was almost surreal to me. : )

Much love to you dear one!

Amanda said...

I read Christy last summer and adored the novel to no end!

Thinking of you these full and busy days of wedding planning and looking forward to those blessed pictures of the day!

Amelia said...

Amanda, There was also a precious-precious television series from the stories from 'Christy'. Our girls were little and loved that series, we were soooo upset when the major network canceled it. They even wrote letters to the network asking them to please put the series back on. : )

The series is available on dvd now, and I still love them especially in the autumn season. I really get a kick out of Dr. McNeil with his Scottish accent, and Fairlight ...and Mounty. There is also a young man that was once a toe(w) ? -headed little boy that touches my heart in the series. I know these people from my past so to speak...and even at present. : )