Wednesday, December 18, 2013

'What to do With a Hurting Heart This Christmas'

The Tree is where God’s grace does heart transplants: God takes broken hearts —- and gives you His.   ~Ann Voskamp

Sometimes.... Sometimes...I have to wonder if I'm being heard here but maybe that is not so bad.  Maybe God wants it like that for an Audience of One. 

I received this blog in my inbox, it's Ann Voskamp's blog and I really enjoy her blog...The blog today was especially timely.  It's been a strange day, some of it full of the blessing of a beautiful day in the country...some of it filled with concern for our elderly little dog, Guisseppe whose eye came out of socket, yes, it was horrifying and I always amaze myself how as a mom I can buck up to things like that, swallow hard and scream to God in my spirit as I call to Him quietly...silently... Surgery was done by our beloved vet as they are trying to repair the situation.  I tend to Guisseppe watching him in the middle of the night...gently holding him, taking him where I think maybe he wants to his water...potty, etc. He can't see well out of the unstitched eye...Bless his heart, he's so innocent and so dependent on me.  Jem calls me the doc.  

We women we give our all don't we?  We should I think.  But sometimes there are seasons when we feel given out, and in my season today I'm dealing with some things.  An only child that sometimes has to parent parents....for years and years it's been this way.   Only God knows.  

So the next time you think this gal has a pie in the sky life, know this gal has also seen things that a child should never have to see or experience...this child also has a very sensitive spirit that really can't take a whole heck of a lot.  I really can't.   The same spirit in me that makes me discerning in the spiritual realm is also the same spirit that has the ability to cause much more pain for me then others.

What do I do?  I try to talk to the Father, and sometimes that is through tears.  

I count my blessings, my precious daughters and husband.  It's not quite that simple to keep the chin up on certain days I so understand, I sure don't want to sound flippant but the Father is so faithful.  He loves me and He loves you today.  If you are having a weird, turnie-twisty day you are not alone.  

 Love to all,  Amelia

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