Friday, September 6, 2013

The Precious Holy Part of a Pattern

"Whether we are poets or parents or teachers or artists or gardeners, we must start where we are and use what we have.  In the process of creation and relationship, what seems mundane and trivial may show itself to be holy, precious, part of a pattern."   ~Luci Shaw

Oh wow...a great stormy day out today.  Becs and I took off for the road to Smalltown, gloryland.
We had a great conversation in the car....Becs tells me she asks a friend, a friend who has dissed her a bit because of a busy schedule...

Can I pray for you about anything? 
...Becs proceeds to tell me "I just wanted to do the right thing."   I smile hugely in my mother's heart to the Lord as I count these moments as Gifts.

"Love is the divine vitality that everywhere produces and restores life.  To each and every one of us, it gives the power of working miracles if we will."    ~Lydia Marie Child

Oh yes....Oh YES oh yes!   This is going to be so fun in the little store today...and it was.  It reminded me of Christmas time at the store...dark skies....even some loud and low rumblings of thunder for that drama I so love.... Yes.  A Gift.  Memories for my Joy account.  Praise the Lord Jesus.

I was telling Jem on datenight...  

When I go to the store it's kind of like an easter egg hunt of sorts...I look for people I can smile at, talk a minute to...make their a Gift.

Becs and I listened to this song on the way to the store:

What a rush!   Steven Curtis Chapman.  If this song doesn't touch one's heart, not quite sure what will.

I thought I would start my close here with a tshirt Lea was recently wearing... A  Gift.

So many Gifts to be thankful for!

  I gave-away a bag of clothing today, every time I go into smalltown I try to carry a give away bag of nice clothes and books, patterns etc.  Today's bag included two blouses that I yanked out of my closet Sunday morning.  Two black and white blouses.  One is too big, even belted.  One has black lace trim, just not me.  Bye pretty blouses, I release you to bless some one else now. : )  A sewing pattern went off too as I tried a run on it and the fabric ended up in the garbage.  That is so not like me to throw away a work in progress but it was just that bad. 

  Praying for the Church in America.  Lately?  I'm noticing some factions coming out even stronger in what has been clearly arrogance and a hate for what should be fellow Christian denominations, Jem says they seem to think they have the whole package themselves exclusively.  My daughter was at a function where one of the main speakers was sitting at a table with many.  This man who should know better and you may know who he is in the homeschool world was warning other young people to stay away from another function because the people putting it on were heretics!  We know people behind that event and they are NOT heretics!  This really needs to stop and to say we are disappointed in this speaker is an understatement.  Are we following pet doctrine and theology of fallable man or the Lord Jesus?  My husband asks if it is motivated by love?   Are man's opinions and books more important than God's precious Word?

I hope you-all have had a week of Gifts from the Lord!

"Does your soul need to be rejuvenated?  The greatest source for this comes from reaching out  to meet others' needs.  Show someone how much you really care by going for a walk together, talking, listening, or just holding their hand."

People are all around.  Just all around.  I want to be intentional to see, really see and notice the faces and what they are telling me... Let's lead them out of the ashes.  Let's tell them about our ashes too.  In doing so let's...

 Add to the Beauty....I want to add to the Beauty... I want to shine with the Light that's burning up inside.  Redemption comes in strange places.

Love,  Amelia the Seabrook Girl and now the Last Child in the Woods


Amanda said...

I'm still reading here and just wanted to pop in on this cheery Sunday afternoon to tell you how precious you are to me. Your writing. Boldness. Truth.

Karen said...

"A precious part of a pattern" This is a wonderful quote! Yes, we start with what we have. I love that.

amber said...

amazing how when we reach out to others WE are the ones blessed in return! good reminder~ and love that first quote.

Jenny said...

You make me feel happy and blessed, just hearing what you have to say here. Some cheerleader...for the KING...and for His people to shine the light. Thanks dear. I enjoy you so.