Sunday, September 2, 2012

September...In Preparation for Autumn, a Typical Eve Here

Family Nights are Best.

We love the fall, and a week or so ago Becs and Mar decided to be ever-ready after dinner. We have Mar putting a beautiful fall wreath together and Becs making some fall scarves from materials bought that day from Hobby Lobby on a sisterly outing.

What's on...

What's on? The old movie, 'Witness for the Prosecution', a great classic movie. We love the old classic 40s black and whites. A good time in the country when a healthy fear of God was present in the country. Most new ones don't have the same sweetness. Even in the 50s, they just don't have the same innocence. You can tell, morals are coming down even in the 50s as the country was becoming sure of itself once again. It is noticeable. We like to keep it sweet, never streetwise.

In the kitchen? Guiseppe

And a wonderful autumn candle from Hobby Lobby.

I've been busy re-purposing some old clothes during the day hours. This is an old dress from Mar, I'm taking the scissors to it and have made myself a beautiful tea-length skirt, details to come most likely on my thats-italian blog.

My reading spot lately, I've been reading a new book hot off the press, and it is excellent for youth and all ages. It's a nice little Christian book on living with less entitled, 'Living With Unexpected Key to Happiness' by Joshua Becker. In this day of more, more, more...I highly recommend. : ) What are you reading?

Listening: I've been really enjoying listening to: 'The Fabulous Frank Sinatra & Tommy Dorsey' and the theme to 'Pride and Prejudice' by Dario Marianelli along with an old cd with 'Michael Card Favorites'...My daughter, Delle is 22 and remembers Michael Card's wonderful, deeply contemplative and sometimes cheerful Christian songs...I listened to Michael Card when I carried her. Amazing.

So that's the view from here. Do you all have any special things you like to do to prepare for autumn? Any good books? Sweet, pretty music?

Happy Lord's Day Everyone! Love in Christ, ~Amelia

EDIT 9.4.12: I have a guest post going at my sweet friend, Amanda's blog, The Little Acre:
Peace Adds, Busyness Takes Away
Part I

Peace Adds, Busyness Takes Away Part II

Part III


Mary said...

I don't do much any more except get out the fall decorations.

Cinnamon said...

I popped over from Amanda's blog. I loved what you wrote. Such wisdom there. Such peace~

My oldest is 23, married with two grand-dumplings. My youngest is 19 months and a whole slew of children in between. We have home schooled for 18yrs. We have seven full time students this year and one busy toddler running around :-) Keeps life interesting.

It's so nice to "meet" a sweet lady who has home schooled and has peace about the decisions she has made investing her life into her family.

It was a pleasure visiting your blog.


Marianna said...

Aw, interesting pictures! Autumn is such a fun time of year!! And the Hobby Lobby candles really are so wonderful. Yay for coffee, autumn leaves, candles, and new books. :)

I'll have to pop over and see Amanda's blog! <3

Tracey said...

I tried to click over to your guest posts at Amanda's and got a message from Blogger that her blog had been removed?!

Amelia said...

Hello Tracey, Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by! : )

Yes, the author closed her blog down but I am planning on posting the guest posts on one of my blogs in the next couple of weeks:

I hope this helps, and I know that The Little Acre will be sorely missed.

I hope we can touch bases at one of my other blogs as I repost my guest blogs there.

Thanks again Tracey, bless you! Amelia

Amelia said...

Tracey, I now have Part I posted on Vision for a Godly Home. Bless you and I hope you enjoy the series!