Thursday, June 21, 2012

Writer's Block? What's Going On Around Here...

Thank you Carmen and Jana for the sweet comments and prayers for our sweet little friend, Howard. That is so sweet, and I appreciate you two taking the time to read this blog and comment. : ) That's what it's all about isn't it?

Just went to the nursing home yesterday. I've been praying and interceding for Howard all last month, not daring to call the home about Howard. I just couldn't take it. I just couldn't. I had found out though that Howard's sister had passed away just weeks before, they appear to be twins. She was married to a medical doctor and was a nurse when she was very young in the early 40s. She was in the gardening club and lived in an affluent old established neighborhood...Seemed just like a sweet little Howard in female form from her lovely picture. She looked neat. I like simple people who know who they are enough to not march to the world's tune in what to wear etc. We can be who we want to be. I've always admired people like that. Does it bother anyone else when you hear things like....

"What are they wearing this year?" "They are wearing skirts this length or that length" That bugs me. Who in the world are "they" anyhow?

I used to draw fashion illustrations in art class and they were usually matted and placed in our highschool showcase weekly, even my fashion illustrations were done in my own way....I would dare do them in plain #2 pencil and a black bic pen with pastels here and there.. : ) They looked fine. But my point is...I did Laura Ashley looks and 40s looks before anyone knew it would be trendy. I was me. Me was and is I.

But it's not about me, it's about Jesus. It's about me shining Jesus to others. Any good thing I have is from Jesus, it's sure not from me. I do suppose I have to mortify the flesh most often though... That is life as a Christian is it not?

Enough of that ramble. Please know this is an uncooked, unedited blog. So if you're looking for perfection you're in the wrong place.

I see this blog is most likely for my true friends to read those who will truly pray with me and get me on things, a place for encouragments hopefully. Kindred spirits. Yes indeedie.

So why should I stress over this thing we call a blog...It is more like picking up a phone to yack? : )

Yesterday was the nursing home as I was going on...

I walked down the last hall where we left Howard. I nod my head at the nurses station and the Pentecostal lady who works there as she smiles sweetly at me knowingly. I'm looking down at my feet as I approach his room...I look up and his name is still there on the door. I peep my head in and what do I see? It's Howard!!!! He was in a deep sleep with oxygen rosie cheeked! He barely opens his eyes and eeks out a smile....

We were able to comfort him once again, and I could tell he was looking better. Praise the name of Jesus Christ. So Carmen, Jana,...and anyone else who took the prayer request seriously? Howard is there in that home. My daughter saw the diagnosis, "pneumonia" and a few other things she couldn't make out on the folder. I also saw hard copy letters from a doctor, his brother, written to Howard by his side. Me thinks this is a book-smart family from the 1920s. Very interesting to me. Also I love hard copy letters, it seems so many people don't even know how to act with hard copy letters anymore.

Howard held Michelle's hand as if she were his one true grand-daughter. Darling. My oriental friend, Betty was there with her three precious guys. Betty's youngest, Josiah was very concerned for Howard's soul. We asked Howard if he knew Jesus. He roughly through oxygen answered, yes. Please keep praying. I have found that Howard answered the phone as a volunteer for his church in midtown. Interesting.

Michelle asked Howard if they could take a pic together, Howard says: "I'd rather not, but you better hurry if you want one"

That told me something too.

We sang "Jesus loves Me" We ask if he would like for us to sing another song? Howard says with sleep eyes..."Not really"... Oh my. *smiles* We laughed...It was so Howard...

So that's the wrap from a mom with writer's block.

Lot's going on here. We have two daughters getting ready to go to China to teach English and you would not believe what it entails! Oh. My. Speeches to deliver stuff to buy...vitamins, herbs and more, more more! If I were Dr. Suess I could compose a book on this trip! lol

Here are some pics I will share, I have more but this will do for now:

These two pics are on Father's Day, Li-Li and Dh set the table under these two beautiful old oaks ready for a Chinese dinner Li-Li fixed. You can't tell but there is a vintage tablecloth on the table. We played oldtime Louis Armstrong jazz in the background...Nice.

My old oak friends. : ) Aren't they beautiful?

Another one of my friends here in the country, he lives down the street in a very sweet and beautiful place with many other cows, donkeys and such. He is crippled and I just think he is precious. You can see his two hind legs, they are turned backwards in a way...I wish I could have him here but it looks like the owners are loving him and caring for him... Such a sweet little guy.

As for me? I'm okay just thoughts and prayers a-whirring. : )

I like what Mar-Mar says: Muffie keeps the best secrets.

Yes, Mar I agree.

Muffie is our littlest doglet...A sweet little shitzu. Love him dearly, love of all of our doglets, kitlet and all of God's creatures great and small.

Love to All, Jesus is Lord. Yes, Jesus is Lord. Love in Christ Jesus, Jesus loves me and He loves You! Oh how He loves me and you! (Do you remember that song?) ~Amelia
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Mary said...

You and your daughters are so sweet. Wish I knew you personally.

Amelia said...

Same here Ellie... : ) That would be so nice.