Sunday, January 10, 2021

Joy and Peace, Faith in the Father, Weekly Developments, Songs to Help Keep that Peace





Why in the world are you posting about happy skirts Mrs. Amelia?  Dear me!  I totally understand folks.  I have to gawk at preachers who are preaching weird little funky shallow messages at this time when the world is falling apart and a very bad thing has been done to our President. 


Well it's been so tumultuous, I try to make my little world a better place.  I wore this skirt last week to the grocery and this precious older man just loved it.  He said...Oh I love your skirt!   It makes me happy!   He stood and looked closely at the print.  He was the sweetest thing ever.  Not only did he make my day but my day was more satisfied because I had made this precious gentleman smile and ....happy.  My skirt gave him joy!  I later helped him try to find his unsweetened lemon juice.   ....He was so darn cute.  I think he may have been a Korean War vet.


The above is a wrap skirt pattern from McCalls  5430  I make mine a longer maxi in view B.   This is made from cotton.

Lot's going on.

 I will keep my eyes set to the Lord and I will set my face like flint.  Isaiah 50:7


There is a sweetness about knowing the Lord and talking with Him and walking with Him...He gives that Peace that passeth all understanding and even joy and excitement in our hearts.  His word in Psalms 37 says He will take care of His children who trust in Him.  I do what I need to do in the natural as far as preparation as the Bible also says to observe the ant.  But bottom line I try not to stress, to be wise and trust the Father.  I talk to Him a lot.   The Holy Spirit lives inside of me and He gives that Peace and Joy.


I looked out the window and saw this the other breezy early evening:




Here's a cute shot of Peanut watching 'Bishop's Wife'  (1947) with me in my relaxing hour. 



This week has been a stressful one besides the weird twilight zone things because our little schitzu, Muffie was very ill.  His eye became abscessed  and he was even starting to cry.  Jem and I hurriedly got him to our sweet vet in oldtown.  A good experience and Muffie is on meds now, bless his little heart.  He's probably around 15 yrs. old.  We're thanking God he'll be okay. Our sweet vet said he was blind in that eye, it just breaks our heart to see him like that but we give him lots of attention.

   Muffie a few months ago.  I'm very busy nursing this little guy, giving meds and all of that.


I very good movie we recently re-visited is the Hallmark Hall of Fame:

The Magic of Ordinary Days MagicofOrdinaryDays.jpg

This is what ya call a goooooooooooood movie!  I ordered a copy from ebay and quickly received it, we loved it once again and I've revisited it several times since!  Every time I watch the movie I see something new!  I'm a WWII buff and a hopeless romantic to boot so this movie was perfecto.  The cinematography was stunning in the movie form the get-go.  I have bought the book it is from and am going to check to see if there is a soundtrack.  It's just a gorgeous movie from every angle. The message is beautiful. 


So that's the wrap.  I'm praying for our country like you would not believe. I'm praying for our President like you would not believe.  


The government here in our home will be kept in Peace if I have anything to do with it and the battle will be on my knees along with education and wisdom, I don't put my head in the sand that is for sure.  I will warn people and I pray peoples' eyes will be opened to what is up.  I feel like there is a balance between recognizing what is going on and keeping the faith too.  

I'm both mercy and prophet.  I'm half Italian and half German so there ya go.  My dad was a city councilman and writer of editorials along with being very entreprenurial, creative and self employed.  He stood for what was right in his middle age years let me tell you, if you don't have prophet in you then you may not understand us.  Thank God for that mercy thrown in that Dad and I both (had) have.  

Do any of you color?  I've always kind of just blinked at the coloring books because I draw freehand, I'm an artist and used to do portraits and fashion illustrations that I would design myself. But I recently ordered some coloring books and colored pencils for my 91 year old mom and they look fun!  I bought her a scenic one, a  bird one, an Italy one.  I ended up with an extra on farm scenes but didn't think my mom would like that one so....I found some colored pencils very reasonably at the grocery so there ya  go.  I think it will be relaxing and now Jem wants one too. 

I'll close with this most comforting song: 


In the morning as I pray, read my Bible and drink my coffee I often sing quietly a song such as this as I go get a warming refill in those early morning hours...


If you are wondering how I'm doing, I'm doing well because I know the Lord and I know I can trust in Him... I am staying very aware on the disturbing  developments.  I am praying fervently.

Here's to a good, hopeful week.   God works in mysterious ways, yes He does.  We can have Peace in the midst of all of this.



12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

~Ephesians 6:12

Spiritual warfare is what we need to do.    The war is in the heavenlies...We have power in the name of Jesus for the pulling down of strongholds.


Barbara said...

Good post, Amelia. Encouraging, instructive.

The Magic of Ordinary Days, yes, I have that in my collection, too. Although it was filmed in Canada, the story takes place in southern Colorado, so I like it for that, too.

May we all take our strength from the Lord, looking beyond what our physical eyes and ears are being fed from the media and watch to see our Lord unfold before us His victory.

Patti said...

Encouraging, hope-filled post, my friend! I am grieved and sickened by what is going on. As I was praying about it all last night, I expressed my anxiety to the Lord, and he reminded me of Isaiah 41:10 (Do not fear for I am with you, do not be dismayed for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.) I fear we (Christians/conservatives) are in for some VERY difficult times...but we will cling to the Lord and trust that He will give us the courage and strength to face whatever is coming.

The censorship of conservative ideas is absolutely appalling! Big tech and media have taken over!!

Ah, your sweet pup. I know how those fur babies grab hold of your heart, so I can certainly understand how you guys feel. So sad that he has lost sight in 1 eye. He's a cutie!

Your skirt is gorgeous. What a fun print!

I have The Magic of Ordinary Days in my collection, though it's just a recorded copy from when it was on TV and I had satellite about a decade ago. Very sweet film.

Love and hugs to you,

Sandi said...

Your skirt is fabulous and so is this post! Thank you.

Amelia said...

Thank you Barbara, and Amen! I appreciate you.

Amelia said...

Dear Patti, Yes...I so hear your heart. Ditto. Thank you for your encouragement. I appreciate you.

Amelia said...

Thank you Sandi! I appreciate your encouragement!

Christine said...

I love the story about the sweet gentleman who admired your cute skirt!
Just think of the joy you gave him. So fun!

And as far as our government and how they handled the election and our President, we have a Just God who will be dealing with all those who are evil. I could go on and on but, that won't help you, me or them.

Again, you have shared a great movie! Thank you for all your recommendations. I really appreciate them!!!

And thank you for ALL that you do to share the Truth!


Amelia said...

Thank you Christine for your encouragement! I appreciate you!

Marianna said...

So true about there being power in Jesus’ name! It is a sobering time, that’s for sure. But there are also plenty of daily joys as you mentioned some of them here. A cheery skirt, a kind stranger, a helpful vet, sweet pets, gorgeous country scenes, coloring books, and good movies! Love all those things — they add joy to life as it really is the little things that mean so much.

Delightful post! ❤️

Amelia said...

Yes Marianna, So many Gifts right around us under our very noses. I think the busyness of this culture hinders so many from *seeing*. I appreciate you!