Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Lately I've Noticed, Photos, A Recipe and Quotes for Fellow Sojourners


Our oldest daughter with our state Attorney General. More posts on our oldest daughter at Pearl Harbor Anniversary   HERE and HERE.  *big smile*


I grew up in a city councilman's home and I've always been taught to speak the truth, to speak it with courage and dignity.  Several of our daughters are also on that road as well.  Our youngest is an artist so she is not quite as involved but those quiet waters do run deep and she will speak for truth when things are brought up in her workplace.  My husband and I stand together, he is vocal as well.  It's straight up and down, many issues should not be conservative or liberal, they are Juris Naturalist.  It's good versus evil and we will vote Prolife.  Many issues on our liberties are at stake at this time.


My Message:


Lately I've noticed a quietness in many.  I've found this odd since our nation is on fire so to speak...Especially when we have the tools to put the fire out.   We have God and we have  God's Word.  We have our prayer rooms.  We have typing fingers.   We are responsible. 

There seems to be a common fallacy among some not to say anything, (Edit 10.14.20: Or write anything) as if it causes trouble and some think it will not change minds.  I kindly, humbly but strongly disagree.  Do not buy that.  We can be kind and we can speak truth.  ...And we can inform and yes!  We can change minds.

I will speak out, I will especially speak out when our unborn are being murdered as I'm sure you all know.  It is we who can spread the word of what can be done to stop this holocaust.  If we truly believe that abortion is murder then you better believe this gal will speak out.

I for one have been educated by a blogger who spoke their conviction with kindness and heartfelt concern over a subject, sometimes God has been dealing with our heart already.  Why this hush hush?  If we truly believe the house is on fire then I would say we need to warn!  If we truly believe that unborn babies are being ripped limb from limb with no anesthesia I would say...Yes! We need to warn!  I recently ran into a young woman who didn't even know one of the candidates involved in the race was a female.  So yes, we need to speak up.   

We will pray, we will act upon that prayer.  Faith without works is dead and God did not give us a spirit of fear..



Here is an appropriate poem from the Holocaust many of you may be familiar with:  

First They Came

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
     Because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
     Because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
     Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

By Pastor Martin Niemöller 



And we were thrilled upon hearing this.  An EXCELLENT message by Pastor Ed Young MOST APPROPRIATE FOR THIS TIME.  We highly recommend! 

If screen is not showing on phones, click   HERE


Just Interesting I Think!

   A photo of special sweet security dogs getting ready to board at the airport on the way to the National Republican Convention our oldest daughter traveled to four years ago.

  Here's a shot of one of the cute fellas with the passengers on the plane. Now how was that for safety?  I never tire of seeing this photo!  ...So great.



Around Our Home with Our Pets and Such.   It may not be on the way to any national convention but I think it's ...A Pretty Special Place!

I've been a busy bee around the homestead here...Gardening in my fall vegetable garden and going through boxes setting up my laundry room.

My fur angels keep me busy and full of joy!


Liesl...Such a loving sweet doggy...A colossal sweetheart!



 She loves her ball! 



A Recent evening....




A sweet day looking out the window, all the doggies having a glorious time!  Dogs know to get their Vitamin D, enjoying the sun!   Animals have much to teach us humans. : )

My garden.  I have turnip greens, collards, blue hubbard squash (so fun)  they are huuuge!  Butternut squash, white patty squash,  chard, cabbage etc.  Jem installed an irrigation system and I water the tops every morning.




Last night I made a nice dish that Jem really enjoyed.

loading ...  Photo by Robert Stock


 I will call this:

My One Dish Wonder!

(Get your cuppa coffee gal,  here goes)

You sautee one large or two small onions, a few cloves of garlic and a package of Italian vegan sausage Tofurkey (found in produce) shredded until browned in oil. 

I use olive or avocado oil.  

 Remove the Tofurkey bits and place in bowl for later.

Then you add a half cup of brown rice flour to onion and garlic and  make a roux, lightly browned.  

Return browned Tofurkey.

I added a couple of boxes of vegetable broth or the equivalent of water and bouillon cubes and added 4 cups of sliced red potatoes.  After the potatoes were soft I squashed them up a bit, not completely and added a package of frozen spinach. (Any green will do).   A tsp. of basil and Italian seasoning along with salt and peppa. ; )

I served this over brown rice and it  was delicious!   A one dish wonder!   Delicious! 

This dish is served in a bowl much like a brown gravy potato soup!



It is an extraordinary and beautiful thing that God, in creation...works with the beauty of matter; the reality of things;  the discoveries of the senses, all five of them;   so that we , in turn, may hear the grass growing;  see a face springing to life in love and laughter....  The offerings of creation...our glimpses of truth. 

   ~Madeleine L'Engle

The one thing that doesn't abide by majority rule is a person's conscience.

~Harper Lee

Listen...be wise, and keep your heart on the right path.

Proverbs 23:19

Search your heart several times a day, and if you find something that is disturbing your peace, remember to take the proper steps to restore the calm.

~Francis de Sales

Have a sweet evening, let's keep our homes that place of Peace in a world that is not peaceful.  We can insulate our homes in God's love.  They will know we are Christians by our love.  And I do believe our children will too...

Take care, press on.   Unborn lives matter.  Vote for Life, this election is so very critical on so many things, our very liberties and freedoms are at stake.

  ~Amelia in the Forest


Christine said...

Yes!!! We need to make our voices heard. Four years ago I made my voice heard and those who weren't tolerant, I stopped hearing from. Even family members. This year I'm curious who else will drop out of sight. But this years vote is more important then "popularity".
OK enough about me...
Your family has been raised well! Stand up and be counted (remember that phrase?). I'm a letter writer. Words flow out of fingers, but I stumbled when they come our of my mouth. We all have our different gifts.

OK... the pictures of the Security Dog is a hoot!

Keep telling everyone the "house is burning" and I will too! And tell them to vote.

Amelia said...

Hi Christine! Oh my goodness, I know how you feel. I've actually had people stop commenting my blog because they went third party last election. Many of those people will never admit that they were wrong. I've seen the family troubles that can go on too on various issues. I say, if they will drop off because of that then maybe they weren't friends in the first place.

Thank you so much Christine for your sweet, precious words on my family. That encourages my heart!

I'm like you, I write better than I speak. My accent is akin to the southern lady's voice narrating 'To Kill a Mockingbird' as the movie opens which isn't horrible and some say charming but in public speaking... I've had to speak in front of people on homeschooling and it was horrifying to me, I would ever year prepare for weeks! I can counsel people and chat, I will speak out when my prophet stands up especially when it comes to abortion, feminism or homeschooling but all in all I'm a better writer when communicating too. I hear ya sister! : )

Thank you so much for your comaraderie Christine, what a blessing it is. Sometimes I hear very concerning reports on the UN etc. Oh God, help us. I know you too will be on your knees as well. The house is burning in more ways then one as I know you agree. Yes, prayers also for people to please, please go vote. Vote like never before.

So glad you liked the doggies! I too just could not get over the pic of the dog sitting like a hooman in the plane!

I appreciate you Christine!

Barbara said...

Great post, Amelia. LOVE the pictures of the security dogs and especially when sitting on the airplane!!! They are such great servants, aren't they?!!!

I am meditating on the quote you provided by Francis de Sales. That one, especially speaks to me this evening.

Blessings to you. You are an encouragement and a blessing to all your readers.

Amelia said...

Thank you Barbara! I'm glad you enjoyed those pics...Even though they are four years old, they still bring a huge smile to my face! Dogs are such amazing creatures! Love them! The intuition they have and the protection and love they provide is such a huge blessing. We have five dogs and the three larger ones definitely give pause to delivery people, our black mouth cur especially...She's a beaut and oh so loving but fearlessly protective. Many a grown man will not even get out of their truck to deliver! lol

Yes, that quote stands out to me too, it's so true isn't it?

I appreciate you Barbara!

R's Rue said...


Amelia said...

Thank you so much R, God bless you! I appreciate you!

Victor S E Moubarak said...

The world is in a turbulent place right now. Here in the UK too; divisions run deep on many levels and many subjects. The devil is having a grand time.

We need to pray more and really trust in God.

God bless.

Amelia said...

Yes, the situation definitely has many including ourselves on our knees. Oh my goodness, I've seen evil in my lifetime but the U.S. is at a defining crossroads at this time as I'm sure you know. I have read some things on the UK lately concerning the vac.

Yes, you are so correct, we need to pray hard and yes, as always trust God. Aren't you glad we have a God we can trust? I have a strong mercy/prophet nature and grew up with a father who knew how to write some salty editorials, he also knew how to speak to many of the NASA employees, many who who brought liberal thinking to our town back then. He was also the first to give generously to poor children in a personal face to face way, the kind of thing that would make one think the world is A-Okay and all was well...All of that really soaked into my life.

Lets all join together in prayer and share as we feel God's leading. For me when it comes to the unborn God was clear to rescue those innocent ones as I'm sure you agree. : )

God bless you Victor! I appreciate you!