Tuesday, October 13, 2015

More Wedding Pics and The Blessed Normalcy of the Day

Hi-Di-Ho Everyone!  Here are some more shots of the wedding I would like to share with my blogging friends.  1.The first is the ceremony, before their very First Kiss!  Notice violinist in the loft? He is our fellow-homeschool friend who is now an eye surgeon.  This guy plays for his patients in the hospital, has a real heart for the Lord, and the reason for becoming a doctor?  To help people, mission work and starting a ranch so to speak for children and youth from bad circumstances.  2.After the ceremony, the new couple!  Ain't they pretty?  3.Our longtime lifetime friend, Mike with my husband, Jem. Happy-happy!   4.Me and Mike's wife, Cat my beautiful precious friend, three decades worth of precious friendship.  These people are real family.  5.The precious new couple! And  6.The last shot is one of everyone (Three sisters in their bridesmaid dresses) bidding farewell as the couple parts into the glorious autumn eve that only the downtown area can capture with this historical church smack dab in the middle.  The autumn's golden light that evening was unbelievably gorgeous.  I do have more pics to share that our friends are sharing with us. 

One thing we are so thankful for and count as Gifts are the friends who came in, many from many miles away and many of my husband's distant cousins who are precious to us, and stayed to ring the farewell bells (and looked like they were having a jolly good time!) What a comfort to see those faces! 

Today I made some cucuzza with pasta, a light sauce with toasted ciabatta bread.  I sooo enjoyed watching The Bishops Wife. (1947)  Love-love-love this movie!  The settings remind me greatly of the church where the wedding was held.

..I sewed a sleeveless Collette shift-tunic-jumper in eggplant to wear with leggings and a black leotard top or turtleneck under it.  I made some green calico floral palazzo pants yesterday.  I ordered some black faux suede ballet flats to go with black tights and leggings, a nice clean look.

What's on my mind?  I'm wondering if this Christmas if I should participate in making crafts with children from the inner city?  Nursing home is always a blessing as well...what can I do to make Christmas special in these ways?  

Jem and I took a walk in the Forest...God's handiwork is beautiful.  Words can't describe the natural enchanting beauty and fragrances captured.

God Bless you All Loves,   Amelia in the Forest

'Beautiful church with beautiful music!'
Sara Jane Photography - Houston Texas's photo.

Cat Ello's photo.

Cat Ello's photo.RebeccaandDave Schlater's photo.
Cat Ello's photo.


Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Oh how lovely to hear about your family wedding Amelia and see some photos. That wedding dress is stunning! I am so glad to hear everything went well and I know too well the stresses involved in planning a wedding now! You'll be happy to hear our family wedding went well. They were married in front of a wooden cross in a beautiful garden - a forest cathedral so to speak! It was a lovely Christian ceremony and God was glorified. I will email you a link to the photographers's blog. There's a few photos on my blog of the days after but I was far too busy to take photos myself!

Barbara said...

Beautiful pictures and memories made! You look so lovely as the mother of the bride. It has been a joy to watch the wedding plans unfold on your blog and to see the fulfillment of them all. Thanks for sharing!