Tuesday, April 14, 2020

See No Evil Hear No Evil? Videos and My Little Story of an Angel Lady

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 See no evil hear no evil?   I hope not.

Calling all ye thinkers!  *big smile*

Let's be in prayer, our Victor's Wreath will be in the prayer closet firstly.

Secondly, it's okay to question what is going on.  We cannot go to church but we can go to Walmart?  And of  course we should be able to go to Walmart or any store if we want to.

People are getting their license plate numbers taken for attending a church?  This should set off some alarms.

Be careful what you are espousing, even innocently.   I'm wondering if some people would enjoy living in a police state,  I grimace at what people are naively espousing.   

  Here are some videos that are showing some of the spirits operating in the country at this time.  Some people are just eating it up, as you will see a lady at the end of one of the videos.  Do they really want to live in a police state?

Last video but not least, this recent video;  Dr. Ron Paul has some wisdom on things, this is very educational and very, very informative:

It's interesting that none of the leaders are doing any kind of teaching on nutrition during all of this, the effects of sugar etc.


Well, what you are you doing about it Mrs. Amelia?   My husband and I are praying over these situations and writing letters to our governor and state and county officials for starters.

Are you afraid Mrs. Amelia?  I'm concerned but not afraid.  I'm concerned with the naivete in people more than anything.

The Other Day at Walmart

I was in Walmart on the pet food aisle a couple of weeks ago.  Now if you want to meet nice people they are on the pet food aisle!  Seriously, that's where they usually are.  Yes, they are on the pet food aisle!

I do not choose to wear any mask, I was standing there in my "dog print" maxi skirt eyeing the cat food...   A delicately built lady with a homemade off-white colored cloth handkerchief type mask hanging down around her neck meekly said to me...

"I'll put my mask on if you're afraid...I don't have no fever...."

Her voice was so sweet, I just wanted to take a deep breath of her sweetness.  I tried to give a sweet and loving smile to her with as much love as I could convey, her humility had touched me deeply,  and I said quietly... "No, I'm not afraid."

She says, "I'm not afraid either, I've been through so much in my life, I'm not afraid of this, I pray."

I tell her, "Yes, we claim the blood of Jesus over our doorposts..."

Another working man without a mask comes by us and grabs a gigantuous bag of cat food...He boisterously says:

"I'm not scared!  I've been through so much in my life!"

I'm smiling hugely at this point.  The meek and sweet angelic lady says...

"I was in a car wreck and I flew through the front windshield and landed in a tree..." She quietly tells us wide-eyed...  Yes, she had been through it. 

Angels.  They are amongst us.  Even in this crazy world, the angels are amongst us.  Me in my dog and cat skirts?  Maybe I can bring a smile and a compliment will be given to bless my soul but the angels?  They are that sweetheart of a lady...  I think of her and pray for her daily.  An angel.

I pray for the boisterous character of a man too, he was endearing to say the least!  And I know that type has a huge heart...That's why he was buying the gigantuous bag of cat food.  Yes indeedie.

The salt of the earth.   Angels.

Have a good day, I hope you enjoy the videos and not get into fear.  Faith>Fear

We can use any concern as a channel into prayer!   God understands how we feel and our concerns, He listens and is moved  by our prayers.

I'm a homebody so life isn't that different for me, but I am concerned over the small businesses and I have mercy on those people and their families.

Blessings to all the sweet angels out there like that lady above,    Prayers at the Forest Cathedral,  ~Amelia


The Saxophone Player's Wife said...

God bless you, Amelia. Thank you for sharing. Glad you and yours are well. <3

Amelia said...

Oh it's so good to hear from you! Thanks so much for coming by. I'll have to pop into your site and see how in the world you are doing. (((hugs)))

Barbara said...

Yes, indeed, "we can use any concern as a channel into prayer."

Like you, I am not afraid and I am enjoying getting to be a homebody without guilt.

Amelia said...

Barbara, Yes, our concerns are His concerns and oh how comforting it is to know we can share our concerns with the Father, how ever many times we feel we need to.

I love being home. There's always something to do!

Michelle said...

Oh what precious sweet souls in the store! My goodness...flying through a windshield and being flung out into a tree. That poor lady! :-o
Those videos look great! I will have to watch them soon. Josh was showing me one by him last night and it was great. He's a hoot too! Praying things get back to normal soon and that people will use common sense. A rare thing these days it seems.

Christine said...

Your thoughts are MY thoughts, too!
Eat right, sleep well, drink water and take your supplements and vitamins, build up your immune system. God and the Angels will take care of the rest.

Marianna said...

The virus does not scare me either, but the government control does. I love the “angels” among us that God sends. That lady sounds so sweet and special as does the cat-loving gentleman.

There is certainly a lot to pray abt right now... I am praying that truth would prevail in all of this and for wisdom for our leaders as well as the eyes of Americans to be opened.

I am going to watch the Lucas videos next and I believe I already saw that Ron Paul one... thanks for sharing them!

Amelia said...

Michelle, I'm almost certain you are going to love those videos, and also be stirred up a bit with righteous indignation over what is going on in this country. Have we gone so far as to this? No common sense in so many? Is it the artificial sweeteners affecting their brains? And those who have a huge mental block towards people in their own businesses, I just can't even believe the apathy on that. People have suffered enough.

Amelia said...

Amen Christine!!!

I appreciate you! <3

Amelia said...

Marianna, yes, the lady's voice sounded like the part of Sergeant York's mother in the old movie...Very much like that. The sweetest thing you ever heard and she had these huge brown eyes, grey hair back in a ponytail, very frail in shorts. Oh such a contrasting attitude then these others with the masks plastered on their faces with a robotic attitude. You could grow icicles. The man? Oh we know the type, a softie at heart and just really made ya smile.

Yes, we need to pray alright because what I am seeing in control and people just so willing to go along to get along without putting their thinking caps on. That is scary! And some leaders who are taking such control and behaving moderately instead of serving The People...That is scary as well. Here we have families who may lose their homes and not only that but there is no Herd Immunity being built! Very dangerous.

The Dr. Paul video is a newer one, you may have seen it but it is very recent. His youtube channel is a good one to check into. I also like him because I know he is the real deal. The Libertarians seem to have it right on this situation. I appreciate them more then ever at this time.

Wake up America, in the name of Jesus, wake up.

Mrs.O said...

Dear Amelia..I don't comment but I love your blog so much.
I am totally in agreement with you! I too am praying, praying, praying.
Your walmart story brought tears to my eyes. Let's just continue to pray for one another.
I believe you are in Texas? I am too.
God bless you and yours.
P.S. I love your skirts and you inspired me to see some very colorful skirts with a solid top.


Mrs.O said...

*sew not see!

Amelia said...

Mrs. O, I am so glad you commented! Comments are very meaningful to me and so appreciated. *huge smile*

Oh yes, the angel at Walmart was so precious, it was a very special exchange there going on at Walmart. I so agree, we so need to pray over this situation and that the governor will not drag his feet. Yes, I too am from the great state of Texas! : )

That just brings so much joy to my heart that you too have made some colorful and cheerful skirts! Aren't they fun? The day I spoke with the angel lady and the sweet man I was wearing my "smiling dog portrait" skirt. I think I received more than several compliments on that one outing. That always does my heart good.

Well Dear Mrs. O, you have done my heart good and you are also an angel leaving that thoughtful comment.

Many Blessings and prayers to you Mrs. O and I covet your prayers as well, ~Amelia

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Thank you Amelia for your visit to my Blog today and for sharing your experiences.

God bless always.

Amelia said...

You are so welcome, your post was thought provoking and hit home.

God bless you too, Victor. Take care.